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Photo Courtesy Of Battery Asia

Photo Courtesy Of Battery Asia

Singapore’s First Homegrown Lithium-Ion Solutions For Materials Handling Equipment

Named “DUROXO Lithium-Ion Solutions”, it incorporates Lithium-Ion Phosphate (LiFePO4) modular battery system, which provides high power density and a longer lifespan.

Battery Asia (S) Pte Ltd is a proud manufacturer of Duroxo Lithium-Ion battery and SDC Traction Battery Chargers. After more than 15,000 man-hours and millions of dollars spent on trials and testing, today, they provide supply and service to a large majority of the forklift OEM distributors in the Asia-Pacific region and have gained recognition for our service and product quality.

With an annual sales turnover of S$19 million, BAS is established as one of the leading solution providers of energy in logistics and warehousing for ASIA. With the increasing demand for Material Handling Equipment in the region as ASEAN, cities develop at a rapid pace, we have also invested in the Development and Manufacturing of Lithium-Ion Battery solutions for Electrical Lifting Equipment, with the ambition to provide the Latest Technology and work processes to Impact Businesses.

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