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Sustainability Machining With ISCAR's Cutting Tools

Sustainability Machining With ISCAR’s Cutting Tools

The term “sustainability” has become increasingly popular in recent years — frequently seen in headlines, featured in forms of news media, scientific research, and practical seminars. Is this word merely a trending or the question of the hour?

The emphasis on sustainability stems from global growing awareness intended for critical environmental issues and climate change, largely caused by human activity. The focus on sustainability reflects our deep commitment to the principles of securing a better future for the planet and generations to come.

Consequently, sustainability has gained prominence in various fields, ranging from everyday life and business to transportation, urban planning, and manufacturing. Manufacturing should unquestionably be sustainable.

Today, there is widespread recognition and agreement regarding the correctness of this statement. Manufacturing processes consume natural resources, energy, create waste, and pollute the environment. We can mitigate the negative environmental impact only by adopting sustainable production technologies.

Cutting Tools — Key To Sustainability

Machining remains a primary method for producing parts of machines and mechanisms. Therefore, the question of how to make machining sustainable is more relevant than ever.

A cutting tool contacts the machined workpiece directly and shapes it to its required form, removing the rest of the unnecessary material in the form of metal chips. Can a cutting tool be a key factor for improving sustainability? The answer to the above question is undoubtedly a resounding, yes!

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