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Agathon Showcases Its Innovations For Tool And Mould In EMO 2019

Agathon Showcases Its Innovations For Tool And Mould In EMO 2019

At the EMO 2019 Agathon will highlight new developments in the field of machinery and services, as well as solutions and innovations for guiding, centering and quick-change, especially for tool and mould making.

Agathon will be presenting its broad portfolio for tool and machine construction to visitors at the EMO 2019. The company highlights their top products such as the roller guide systems, in particular, for tool and mould making, but also for mechanical engineering and automation.

This porfolio also includes the Mini Fine Centering, which has gained an excellent reputation since its market introduction in the spring of 2018. With the static application of the Mini Fine Centering tool and mould inserts can be backlash-free, easy rolling and thus highly precise centered and they can also be changed extremely fast, without expert knowledge and without tilting.

Mechanical engineers are increasingly enjoying the opportunities for quick change, which is offered by the mini-fine centering. A popular field of application is the quick exchange of clamping tools. Other areas of application for the Mini Fine Centering include precision automation, for example, when gripper tools are positioned. There, the Mini Fine Centering ensures maximum process reliability, it eliminates vibrations and guarantees gentle and precise part removal.

The Mini Fine Centering can now also be used for dynamic applications. In particular, the centering of floating cavities in multi-cavity tools and moulds should offer a broad field of application for the Mini Fine Centering. Thanks to its small footprint, the number of cavities can be increased by up to 30 percent. Since the Mini Fine Centering is not paired, additional bushings of the standard 7989 can be used – in particular for turning tools or automation solutions, this offers new application possibilities.

Furthermore, the new maintenance-free sliding bushing is Agathon’s third spring innovation. It distinguishes itself especially for dry running, whereby the small backlash enables a very precise guidance. The sliding surface of the bushing is designed and structured to achieve a very high performance together with the surface of the pillars, the counter partner from the Agathon range.



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