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ANCA Launches CIM3D V9 With Time-Saving And User-Friendly Enhancements

ANCA Launches CIM3D V9 With Time-Saving And User-Friendly Enhancements

ANCA’s new CIM3D V9 release of the industry-leading CIMulator3D software has an upgraded interface with fresh colours and icons and is even easier to use with intuitive functionality. The latest technology and software design has been packed into this release offering time-saving benefits and interactive visualisation across the entire grinding process.

Thomson Mathew, ANCA Software Product Manager says: “This upgrade responds directly to what our customers want and need for effective tool simulation. CIM3D V9 allows for customisation based on regularly-used features no matter which industry. The simulation quality of ANCA’s software is unmatched and you can simulate complete grinding sequences.”

“The offline capabilities of using the latest CIM3D version mean important background calculations are easily verified, increasing machine productivity. This not only maximises machine time but for those working from home, CIM3D can be run independently on any computer – so it is possible to do all the programming remotely.”

“We have automated many manual steps and introduced process verification and analysis in a central hub to get improved cycle time, and better wheel and tool life. Collisions can be detected automatically and overall CIM3D V9 is more enjoyable and easier to use.”

The new software offers clearer visualisation with the customisable timeline panel – effectively a central dashboard for quicker and easier tool analysis. New tool programs can be verified for size, shape, machine clearance, cycle time estimates, and more.

ANCA’s software experts are in-house ensuring the features of CIM3D are responsive, user-friendly and tailored to the cutting tool industry.

Feature include:

  • Updated look and feel
  • Progressive material removal
  • Clear visualisation with the timeline panel
  • Tool balance analysis
  • Save time with background calculations
  • Visualisation of material removal rate
  • Improved measurement capabilities
  • Changes to the sectioning plane dialogue


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ANCA Motion’s EtherCAT Pendant Offers Flexible Benefits With A User-Friendly And Intuitive Interface

ANCA Motion’s EtherCAT Pendant Offers Flexible Benefits With A User-Friendly And Intuitive Interface

Anca Motion: In factories, as with the world outside them, devices and machines are becoming simpler to use. A vital expectation nowadays is user-friendliness. The “user experience”-oriented smartphone era has seen industrial companies make their products and all their Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) much more intuitive. The world is moving towards an era where robots can be taught on the fly by an assembly line worker rather than requiring hours of painstaking programming by the expert. Machine builders are designing their solutions and their HMIs so that these can be set up with minimum steps, and put to work by someone with minimal training.

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One reason to provide user-friendly machinery is the workforce demographic shift on the horizon. In the USA, for example, a quarter of manufacturing workers were 55 and older in 2017. A recent survey from the US’s National Association of Manufacturers found nearly a half of respondents were “very concerned” about the brain drain caused by the expertise ageing out of their companies.

With fewer expert machinists around, products need to be simple to use – as well as safe – in the hands of a non-expert as well as an expert operator.

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ANCA Motion’s AMI 5000 remote pendant is a machine control interface with years of development and proven effectiveness behind it. It offers support for the EtherCAT fieldbus – almost unheard of among pendant manufacturers, and a massive benefit in quick integration with compatible systems. Interfacing with any host control system software that supports EtherCAT Fieldbus, the pendant is designed to connect and integrate with a machine in a few simple steps. EtherCAT also means a reduction in cable size and weight, thus improving manoeuvrability and portability.

Customisable options build on a proven track record of innovation and customer support

The remote pendant comes in a wear- and drop-resistant composite case, ideal for tough industrial environments. The front cover is customisable to match an OEM’s branding needs.

The AMI 5000 remote pendant is available in custom cable lengths from two metres to ten metres standard or spiralled, allowing a worker the flexibility to move around their machine. Magnet and cradle mounting also offers maximum flexibility. With localised firmware updates and local status indicators, these devices are simply plug-and-play, avoiding complex integration procedures.

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Safety and control are increased through dual-channel Emergency Stop and optional Hold to Run button. The unit’s MPG (manual pulse generator) feed also offers precision control. This allows for precise movement along various axes – ideal for making small, incremental changes which provides great flexibility when testing new part programs.

The pendant uses an 18-pin circular connector, 24-Volt DC input, and communicates at 100 Mbps.

With thousands of existing units and support through ANCA’s global network of offices, any issue can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Written by ANCA Motion Automation Product Manager, Elan Anbanandam


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ANCA Motion Challenges The Conventional Approach To Cylindrical Grinding

ANCA Motion Challenges The Conventional Approach To Cylindrical Grinding

ANCA Motion’s CyGrind Cylindrical Grinding software strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and user friendliness.

ANCA Motion is helping to bring OEM and machine builders into the era of the ‘Smart Factory’ with its range of motion control CNC solutions. From cylindrical grinding, to laser cutting applications, to the proven technology of the LinX linear motors – ANCA Motion will have a full range of products on display at TIMTOS 2019 in Taiwan.

Naveen Nadesan, Global Marketing Manager at ANCA Motion commented: “Simply put, we love motion. With over 40 years’ experience in the grinding industry, we know our customers’ needs intimately. It is an exciting era with new technology disrupting the market and making the concept of a Smart Factory a realistic and achievable goal. We are excited to help our customers understand how a premium CNC solution can deliver a range of benefits.”

CyGrind: A Cylindrical Grinding Turnkey CNC System Solution

ANCA Motion’s newly developed CyGrind CNC solution challenges the conventional approach to cylindrical grinding. The CyGrind Cylindrical Grinding software strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and user friendliness, which when combined with advanced features of the CNC control, delivers a high-end solution for precision cylindrical grinding. This capability has been further enhanced with the newly released off-centre and non-round grinding options.  The modern user interface allows the operator to easily define and visualise the geometry segments as well as all process parameters using a logical process-driven flow.

The software includes a simulation mode allowing a visual review of the process prior to grinding. CNC features developed specifically for grinding processes, such as Live Offset and ANCA Motion’s unique in-cycle MPG Feed, improve productivity and operator confidence when setting up and running a cylindrical grinding job.

CyGrind offers the complete package, providing extensive functionality and user-friendly software, making it the most comprehensive on the market.

  • Simple and flexible graphical geometry editor for part definition.
  • Flexible wheel geometry specification combined with graphical representations.
  • Unique MPG feed feature allows operators to manually move along a programmed path.
  • Compensation and adjustment options to ensure parts meet accurate specifications.
  • Full support for part probing, gauging and wheel dressing.
  • Off Centre and grinding of non-round shapes.
  • Separate logical machines allow the grinder and loader to work independently for loading operations.

Laser Cutting Control Solutions

ANCA Motion’s laser cutting control system is the complete package, offering hardware and software solutions.

Our laser cutting application software; Cut Assist, supports advanced features such as ramping frequency and duty during piercing, fast and reliable height following control, laser head protection during all operations, ability to start from any item on the part, and can cut 1,200 holes in one minute.

  • Our Commander software is easy-to-use and is fully customisable.
  • ANCA Motion’s AMI5000 Touch Pad HMI supports fast and flexible access for real-time control, in conjunction with the handheld EtherCAT Remote Handheld Pendant.
  • Expect high precision with ANCA Motion’s AMC5 CNC, and high performing motion control delivered by ANCA Motion’s AMD5x Multi-Axis Servo System.

The LinX S-Series Linear Motor

The innovative LinX cylindrical Linear Motor (international patent pending) offered by ANCA Motion provides improved performance at lower cost when compared to conventional flat linear motors and rotary motors. The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability, and the ability to achieve high IP67 protection make LinX an ideal solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries.

  • Designed for machine tools.
  • No backlash or reversal errors.
  • Efficient fluid-cooling thermal barrier.


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