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Schunk Launches Manually Actuated Clamping Module

Schunk Launches Manually Actuated Clamping Module

Schunk has extended its modular system for workpiece direct clamping with the release of the manually actuated series VERO-S WDM-5X. Enabling a defined clamping situation, reliable simulation and collision-free, highly efficient machining of five sides by means of basic and add-on modules, the  VERO-S WDM-5X clamping modules are actuated without the use of any media and independent of machine peripherals in no time at all via an Allen key.

One single turn of the tightening screw is sufficient for secure connection of clamping modules, either with one another or with the corresponding basic modules. The clamping modules can be used independent of the pneumatic system in external tooling stations, for instance, or in a very wide variety of machines. These can be combined with nearly all types of machine tables by means of flexible fastening systems.

Key elements of the series are basic modules in the heights 75mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm, which can be combined using add-on modules at heights of 75mm, 100mm or 125mm. In addition, the series includes a wide variety of different clamping bolts that can be integrated according to the size and shape of the relevant workpiece. Various reduction adapters enable five-sided machining free of interference contours. Freeform surfaces can also be clamped quickly and easily via height adjustment adapters.

Regardless of the height of the clamping pillars, the direct clamping modules are supplied with compressed air via a media transfer unit that is registered for patent, and locked via a force-locking and positive-locking connection with pull down forces of up to 25,000N (with 50Nm actuation moment). An integrated pull-down function ensures maximum hold. The actual workpiece clamping takes place in an energy neutral manner via spring force; it is a self-locking and form-fit clamping. The workpieces remain safely clamped even if the pressure in the air system were to drop suddenly. Presence of a workpiece can also be detected with the VERO-S WDP-5X.


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