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Latest Product Launches From BOGE To Hexagon

Latest Product Launches From BOGE To Hexagon

ARISTA Introduces Alvista Plus 3 To 1 KVM Switch Extender

ARISTA Introduces Alvista Plus 3 To 1 KVM Switch Extender

ARISTA Introduces Alvista Plus 3 To 1 KVM Switch Extender

The model ARD-0301-A00-TX KVM Switch Transmitter connects the HDMI outputs and USB ports of up to three computers as the source signals and then feeds those signals to the model ARD-1007-A02-RX-KVM03 KVM switch receiver. All of this is accomplished via a single CAT6 cable over a distance of up to 330 feet.

The ARD-1007-A02-RX-KVM03 KVM switch receiver functions as a remote console with a display monitor plus a connected keyboard and mouse. A user at the console can press the switch on the KVM receiver to toggle control between the three computers remotely. The ARD-1007-A02-RX-KVM03 KVM switch receiver’s LED display indicates which computer is connected and the video output is shown on the LCD display monitor of the plant floor console.

Beamex Launches New CMX Analytics Dashboard

Beamex CMX Calibration Management Software is an automated, paperless solution that helps you plan, manage, analyze, and document all calibration work and assets safely and efficiently. It is automated and easy to use, reducing the time and cost of calibration work while removing the risk of human error and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

The new analytics dashboard pulls information from the CMX database and shows it in Microsoft Power BI, an industry-leading tool for visualizing data. To make things even more convenient, the analytics dashboard can also be viewed on a smartphone. The analytics report includes the most commonly used analytics, including calibration KPIs, reference standards, calibrator traceability, work order management, and scheduling.

BOGE’s New Ecoline Screw Compressors

BOGE’s New Ecoline Screw Compressors

BOGE’s New Ecoline Screw Compressors

BOGE’s new state-of-the-art S ecoline compressor series is the perfect choice for garages,  body shop workshops and light industries. Featuring a new level of energy efficiency with BOGE Airends, the compressor blends high German quality standards with individually tailored solutions to meet customer requirements across Europe and Asia-Pacific. The S ecoline is silent, user-friendly, low in maintenance and tested to perfection.

Key advantages of the S ecoline: 

  • Ready to work, standard configuration for user-friendly operation
  • Attractive priced screw compressor with capacity from 11 – 30 kW 
  • Available with working pressures up to 7.5 bar / 10 bar
  • Intelligent BOGE BASE control
  • First oil fill with Boge 3000Plus Lubricant
  • Ready stock of machines and spare parts for fast delivery

CommScope: Simple, Smarter Hardened Connector Solution

CommScope_ Simple, Smarter Hardened Connector Solution


CommScope’s Prodigy unlocks the potential of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network with comprehensive solutions that install faster and simpler than ever. Prodigy is compatible with multiple hardened fibre connectors, making it a game-changer in plug-and-play FTTH solutions. The compact footprint enables smaller, higher-density terminal footprints, while the self-aligning connectors minimise the chance of connection errors. Prodigy received CommScope’s “Innovators in Action” award as it represents a breakthrough technology that’s set to revolutionise network architecture.

Hexagon’s 3DXpert® design 

Integration of HxGN Emendate – Hexagon’s best-in-class generative design technology unlocks new levels of performance and confidence for users of the comprehensive 3DXpert solution which supports both metal and plastic-based additive parts.

The accuracy and reliability of the design is of particular benefit to industries that demand high performance and precision, such as the aerospace and medical sectors. Users will have the option to utilise the Hexagon engine’s high-end part optimization in 3DXpert to shortlist and refine design candidates with unrivalled speed and efficiency, all while remaining within the same solution.  

High Performance, Reliable LWIR Thermal Imaging

High Performance, Reliable LWIR Thermal Imaging

The Tau 2 series offers 40+ variants of the most reliable and rugged longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal camera module. Equipped with a simple optical interface and common commercial interfaces, integration with the Tau 2 and new Tau 2+ is seamless.

With an unmatched combination of features and reliability, the Tau 2 and the increased sensitivity Tau 2+ are well suited for integration in demanding applications including UAVs, unmanned applications, handheld imagers, security cameras, maritime cameras, and thermal sights. Integration is seamless with common optical, mechanical, and electrical interfaces and the most lens options available on the market. See what Tau 2 solution is best for your application.

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