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When Grinding Receives An Unprecedented Dimension

When Grinding Receives An Unprecedented Dimension

Dressing technology enables completely new possibilities in grinding with metal bonded CBN and diamond wheels. Article by Fritz Studer AG.

Alfred Mair, Head of Grinding Technology at Fischer AG, faces a challenge. The company, a manufacturer of high-precision spindles, has reached its limits in the grinding of exotic materials such as titanium and hard-to-machine hard materials under the increasing quality demands from the customers. That, plus their need to increase productivity, can’t be solved by  conventional grinding machines. 

Then came Fritz Studer AG’s S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine. Specifically designed for large workpieces, it has a length between centres of 1000/1600 mm and a centre height of 225/275 mm. It processes workpieces with high precision up to a maximum weight of 250 kg, just as effectively as small and medium-sized workpieces. But the key for Fischer is the fully integrated WireDress dressing system.

“We had high hopes that we could use metal-bonded grinding wheels for a measurable and reproducible highest quality, have a higher productivity, more universal machining options as well as reduced tool costs,” Mair explains his expectations.

Expectations Exceeded

STUDER configured the S41 with WireDress based on additional requirements from Fischer. Thus, the machine received a special high-speed external grinding motor spindle, an innovative proprietary product of Fischer, in which the axial growth is particularly small.

In addition, the spindle is tapered at the rear end, avoiding possible collision situations. This is a specific benefit for face/shoulder grinding with the spindle at an angle. The S41 is supplemented with a fully automatic workpiece magazine and handling system, which ensures fully automatic series production of the high-quality precision components in a stand-alone operation.

“I am blown away,” says Mair. “Three to five times faster than with conventional technology, with absolute reproducibility, ground in a tolerance range of less than 1μm! I have never seen anything like that! I am extremely impressed.”

The Secret Behind

But how does this dressing technology work? Michael Klotz, project manager for development at Studer, explains, “It is a well-known fact that metal-bonded grinding wheels are much more durable and dimensionally stable when machining difficult-to-machine materials and ultimately enable higher productivity. The problem with this is that metal bonds can only be dressed to a very limited extent using conventional methods in the grinding machine. In addition to this, there is a high dressing tool wear associated with a low cutting ability. This is neither an operator-friendly, nor a high quality and process consistent dressing method.”

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The Versatile Machine For Large Tasks

The versatile machine for large tasks

The S31 performs complex and varied grinding tasks precisely and reliably. It can be used to produce small to medium-sized workpieces with a distance between centers of 400, 650, 1000 and 1600 mm and a center height of 175 mm in individual, small batch and high-volume production. With a high-resolution B-axis of 0.00005° the swiveling wheelhead enables efficient external, internal and surface grinding in a single clamping.

The foundation of the universal cylindrical grinding machine is the machine bed made from solid Granitan S103. This provides high dimensional stability thanks to its favorable thermal behavior, while the mineral casting largely equalises short-term variations in temperature. STUDER has redesigned the machine base geometry and added an innovative base temperature control. This ensures quick and stable production. The fixing of the dressing device on the double T-slot of the longitudinal slide drastically reduces the complexity of setup and changeover. A further highlight: The S31 features StuderGuide guideways with their damping component in the direction of movement.

Very Wide Range Of Wheelhead Variants

The S31 is based on the STUDER T-slide concept. It now has an extended X-axis stroke of 370 mm. This enables a large number of wheelhead variants, which can be precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements. Customers can choose between the turret wheelhead with continuously variable B-axis or B-axis with 1° Hirth coupling. The turret wheelhead can be equipped with several grinding wheels. Thanks to the software for grinding wheel alignment, STUDER Quick-Set, changeover times are reduced by up to 90 percent. The new S31 enables grinding of different diameters and cones with just one grinding wheel and without time-consuming intermediate dressing. This is made possible by the direct drive on the B-axis with a positioning scatter of <1“.

Impressive Software

StuderWIN enables reliable programming and efficient operation. StuderTechnology also automatically calculates the optimal grinding parameters in a matter of seconds, based on just a little information. This means good quality and a stable process at the first attempt.  The optional integrated modules such as StuderForm, StuderThread or StuderContourBasic, extend the functionality of the machine.

The S31 is equipped with a Fanuc 0i-TF and is optionally available with the Fanuc 31i-B for High Speed Machining (HSM). The PCU manual control unit enables setup of the machine close to the grinding process. Non-productive times can be reduced to a minimum with the electronic contact detection function. In addition, the standardised loader interface enables automation of the S31.


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ANCA Motion Challenges The Conventional Approach To Cylindrical Grinding

ANCA Motion Challenges The Conventional Approach To Cylindrical Grinding

ANCA Motion’s CyGrind Cylindrical Grinding software strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and user friendliness.

ANCA Motion is helping to bring OEM and machine builders into the era of the ‘Smart Factory’ with its range of motion control CNC solutions. From cylindrical grinding, to laser cutting applications, to the proven technology of the LinX linear motors – ANCA Motion will have a full range of products on display at TIMTOS 2019 in Taiwan.

Naveen Nadesan, Global Marketing Manager at ANCA Motion commented: “Simply put, we love motion. With over 40 years’ experience in the grinding industry, we know our customers’ needs intimately. It is an exciting era with new technology disrupting the market and making the concept of a Smart Factory a realistic and achievable goal. We are excited to help our customers understand how a premium CNC solution can deliver a range of benefits.”

CyGrind: A Cylindrical Grinding Turnkey CNC System Solution

ANCA Motion’s newly developed CyGrind CNC solution challenges the conventional approach to cylindrical grinding. The CyGrind Cylindrical Grinding software strikes a perfect balance between flexibility and user friendliness, which when combined with advanced features of the CNC control, delivers a high-end solution for precision cylindrical grinding. This capability has been further enhanced with the newly released off-centre and non-round grinding options.  The modern user interface allows the operator to easily define and visualise the geometry segments as well as all process parameters using a logical process-driven flow.

The software includes a simulation mode allowing a visual review of the process prior to grinding. CNC features developed specifically for grinding processes, such as Live Offset and ANCA Motion’s unique in-cycle MPG Feed, improve productivity and operator confidence when setting up and running a cylindrical grinding job.

CyGrind offers the complete package, providing extensive functionality and user-friendly software, making it the most comprehensive on the market.

  • Simple and flexible graphical geometry editor for part definition.
  • Flexible wheel geometry specification combined with graphical representations.
  • Unique MPG feed feature allows operators to manually move along a programmed path.
  • Compensation and adjustment options to ensure parts meet accurate specifications.
  • Full support for part probing, gauging and wheel dressing.
  • Off Centre and grinding of non-round shapes.
  • Separate logical machines allow the grinder and loader to work independently for loading operations.

Laser Cutting Control Solutions

ANCA Motion’s laser cutting control system is the complete package, offering hardware and software solutions.

Our laser cutting application software; Cut Assist, supports advanced features such as ramping frequency and duty during piercing, fast and reliable height following control, laser head protection during all operations, ability to start from any item on the part, and can cut 1,200 holes in one minute.

  • Our Commander software is easy-to-use and is fully customisable.
  • ANCA Motion’s AMI5000 Touch Pad HMI supports fast and flexible access for real-time control, in conjunction with the handheld EtherCAT Remote Handheld Pendant.
  • Expect high precision with ANCA Motion’s AMC5 CNC, and high performing motion control delivered by ANCA Motion’s AMD5x Multi-Axis Servo System.

The LinX S-Series Linear Motor

The innovative LinX cylindrical Linear Motor (international patent pending) offered by ANCA Motion provides improved performance at lower cost when compared to conventional flat linear motors and rotary motors. The high speed and acceleration, standalone thermal stability, and the ability to achieve high IP67 protection make LinX an ideal solution for machine tools, food processing and other automation industries.

  • Designed for machine tools.
  • No backlash or reversal errors.
  • Efficient fluid-cooling thermal barrier.


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Studer: Favorit CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Studer: favorit CNC Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Studer launched the favorit, a CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine with a 1,600 mm centre distance for long workpieces, and the capacity for single part and series production fitted with automation. Visible grinding process is possible with full enclosure.

It can be adapted to other grinding tasks through measuring control, balancing system, contact detection and longitudinal positioning options. Precision, performance, and safety are ensured with a solid Granitan machine bed.

The wheelhead can be automatically positioned in 3-degree increments, to accommodate a belt-driven, external or internal grinding spindle.

Practice-oriented grinding software with “pictogramming” enables less experienced users to programme grinding and dressing cycles efficiently. An optional StuderGrind software also enables programming of special applications—like grinding wheel profiling, for complex workpiece shapes.

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