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Seco Tools Releases New Duratomic TM Grades For Stainless Steel Turning

Seco Tools Releases New Duratomic TM Grades for Stainless Steel Turning

Seco Tools has announced the release of three new grades specifically for stainless steel turning featuring the company’s latest Duratomic generation and its Used-Edge Detection technology. The new TM grades TM1501, TM2501 and TM3501 secure operations and improve productivity in materials ranging from austenitic stainless steel to high-alloyed, super-duplex stainless steels. The expanded range of 479 total TM insert configurations also includes three new geometries with chipbreakers optimised for finishing and medium-roughing applications in stainless steel.

TM1501 is designed for the highest level of speed, productivity and wear resistance in stable continuous cut applications for austenitic stainless steel components. The first-choice grade for any low to medium-alloyed stainless steel, TM2501 excels as a general grade that provides long tool life and toughness across the widest application area. And a brand-new grade for the toughest high-alloyed stainless steels, including duplex and super-duplex stainless steels, TM3501 also offers good performance across all stainless steel applications.

The addition of the unique FF1 chipbreaker for the TM3501 grade provides superior chip control in stainless steel finishing, while the new MR3 and M3 complements MF4 and M5 in medium-roughing applications. These three Duratomic grades feature innovations based on world-leading coating chemistry developments adapted to manufacturers’ application needs. In addition to offering superior mechanical and thermal properties, this coating also provides the chrome-colored Used-Edge Detection technology, which makes every edge count and reduces potential waste.


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Seco: Insert Grades

Seco: Insert Grades

Seco has released three insert grades TP2501, TP1501 and TP0501, for steel turning with Duratomic coating technology to provide improved toughness, heat resistance and chemical inertness. This lengthens tool life and offers the potential for higher cutting speeds.

TP2501 suits a variety of workpiece material requirements and unpredictable working conditions with its highly secure edge toughness behaviour. TP1501 is well-balanced and suits applications requiring high wear resistance in low-alloy steel workpieces. TP0501 provides high wear resistance and cutting speeds, and suits stable machining conditions and situations requiring high output.

The TP grades also feature used-edge detection that do not impact tool performance, yet allows machinists to quickly and accurately identify used edges with the naked eye.

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