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Seco Tools Expands Digital Services With Strategic Partnerships

Seco Tools Expands Digital Services with Strategic Partnerships

Seco Tools has expanded its portfolio of digital services in collaboration with online Lean management training platform 7-Shapes and Automated Process Control (APC) software provider Ellistat.

Seco Tools leverages more than eight decades of manufacturing experience to address issues beyond the cutting tool. In collaboration with partners who are leaders and experts in their respective fields, Seco ensures that customers can access the best solutions to challenges on their journey to operational excellence.

These partnerships enrich the Seco portfolio in employee training and machine setup, major concerns for customers who face labour shortages and the skills gap. “This is the next step in a customer centric approach,” said Helga Dekempeneer, Director of Seco Manufacturing Transformation. “Our educational process focuses on machining itself and the physics and economics related with it, so these partnerships complement what we offer.”

The 7-Shapes online training platform offers 24/7 access to Lean management courses for operators, managers and engineers, with courses ranging from White Belt to Green Belt. Trainees test theoretical knowledge through a game-like interactive simulation of a virtual factory.

“This partnership is a great opportunity to offer Seco customers a whole new way to learn about operational excellence,” said Julien Charles, CEO of 7-Shapes. “We share the same vision: Whether you are an operator, a manager, or an engineer, your contribution is important, and you must have all the tools in hand to give your best.”

One-step machine-tool setup with precise process control
Ellistat provides APC software for one-step machine setup with greater precision than traditional SPC or manual methods. APC limits process drift, and the system learns from its corrections to improve over time. With complete integration into the digital chain, the system compares data from a measuring machine with a corresponding 3D part file, calculates corrections and feeds them back into the machining centre.

Davy Pillet, CEO of Ellistat, stated that “We are very pleased to develop this partnership with Seco, combining the best of both worlds – knowledge of physical cutting tools and expertise with digital tools such as machine learning – to automate critical processes.”


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