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ANCA GCX Linear Meets The Needs Of Growing Skiving Cutter Market

ANCA GCX Linear Meets the Needs of Growing Skiving Cutter Market

Launched at the recent EMO Hannover 2019 event in Germany, ANCA’s GCX Linear builds on the best aspects of its proven technology to offer a purpose-built solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters. With a five-axis CNC grinder powered by LinX linear motor technology on X, Y and Z axes, the GCX Linear also comes with features specially designed for skiving cutters and shaper cutters.

“ANCA is responding to the increasing popularity of skiving and resulting surge in demand for skiving cutters. We want our customers to have a complete solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters and the GCX Linear will set the new benchmark for skiving cutter grinding,” said Xiaoyu Wang, product manager at ANCA.

Dressing the complex wheel profile is critical, so ANCA developed the latest acoustic emission monitoring system (AEMS), according to Wang.

“AEMS can be taught to pick up the right sound of perfect dressing even in a noisy production environment. Built upon supervised machine learning algorithm, AEMS ensures the wheel profile is dressed within micron accuracy with the least possible time while minimising the reduction in size,” said Wang.

One of the key features of ANCA’s new GCX Linear is the patent pending Motor Temperature Control (MTC), which minimises machine warmup time, and delivers optimal thermal stability during grinding. Smart control algorithm actively manages and maintains the temperature of motorised spindles in the GCX Linear. Benefits delivered by this feature include reduction in machine warmup time—you can start grinding tools sooner, knowing the machine has reached thermal stability—thus improving productivity and machine utilisation.

It also features consistent thermal stability of the spindle over time regardless of changes in spindle load or speed, or spindle cooling coolant temperature. This greatly improves dimensional stability of grinding results.

ANCA’s GCX Linear is powered by its LinX, a linear motor technology for axis motion (X, Y and Z axes). In conjunction with linear scales, LinX helps GCX Linear achieve superior precision and performance. Specially designed for a lifetime of operation in harsh grinding environments, the LinX motors have a cylindrical magnetic field, which means there is no additional down force on the rails or machine base.

With no temperature variations—therefore, there is no need for a separate chiller unit—and being sealed to IP67, there is minimal wear and tear, thus machine accuracy remains over its lifetime. The LinX linear motor has higher axis speed and acceleration, leading to reduced cycle times while maintaining a smooth axis motion.



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EMO Hannover 2019 Provides Clarity In Uncertain Times

EMO Hannover 2019 Provides Clarity In Uncertain Times

Trade Fair Builds On Successful Previous Event

EMO Hannover 2019 closed its doors following a six-day run. From 16 to 21 September, round about 117,000 production specialists from 150 countries convened at the world’s leading tradeshow for the metalworking industry. “This EMO Hannover 2019 built on the success of our boom year in 2017,” reported EMO General Commissioner Carl Martin Welcker.

He continued: “In the context of subdued economic expectations over the past several months, the moderate decline in attendance has to be viewed as a success. We are particularly delighted at the further increase in the percentage of foreign attendees.”

The mood in the halls was positive, with many exhibitors pleasantly surprised at the high volume of visitor traffic at their stands. “EMO Hannover has once again proved solid as a rock, providing clarity for the further development of production technology, even in uncertain times,” Welcker added.

Its trademarks included a strong international character, a high caliber of visitors and exhibitors, and an amazing wealth of innovations and new products, he stressed. As the world’s leading metalworking fair, it was the “place to be”.

Mixed Mood – Investment-Readiness Bodes Well For Post-Show Business

Exhibitors with a broad customer base were satisfied with the run of the fair. In the words of Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, CEO of the Erlangen-based Motion Control Business Unit at Siemens: “The level of visitor interest at our stand this year was incredible. We are delighted at the way things have gone.” Other firms with a stronger focus on the passenger car industry seemed to be less upbeat about the situation.

“Firms are clearly more reluctant to commit themselves, given the general uncertainty over where the market is heading,” remarked Dr. Christian Lang, CEO of Liebherr-Verzahntechnik in Kempten. “But our discussions with customers at our stand have still been substantive and very promising for the future,” he added.

While some exhibitors spoke of a historic paradigm shift in the automotive industry, which still needed to be mastered, other exhibitors reported successfully negotiating business deals with automakers during the fair.

Strong Asian Presence At EMO Hannover

As the flagship fair for its sector of industry, EMO Hannover has a strong international profile. More than half of all attendees came from abroad, split almost evenly between other European countries and overseas. A 20 percent growth in attendance from overseas in comparison with the 2017 event was particularly impressive. This included a high percentage of Asian guests, who accounted for almost one third of visitors from abroad, with China, Japan, Taiwan and India heading the rankings.

“The highly international makeup of EMO visitors, particularly from Asia, resulted in a busy and extremely global atmosphere at our stand,” said Dr. Stefan Brand, CEO of Vollmer Werke in Biberach. This trend was clearly related to a higher number of Asian exhibitors at this year’s event, who encouraged their customers to visit them in Hannover. Other countries with strong representation at the event included Italy, Poland, Sweden, Russia and Turkey.

Digitalisation And Automation Gathering Momentum

“This year’s EMO once again generated fresh momentum for innovations,” reported Lothar Horn, Managing Director of Paul Horn GmbH in Tübingen. As an innovations platform for production technology, EMO is expected to chart the trends for the years ahead, and once again the mission was successful. The EMO motto “Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production” accurately reflected the key issues facing the industry today.

“Our many discussions with customers at EMO 2019 in Hannover revealed that a focus on the holistic process chain, including digital services, creates the relevant added value for customers,” said Christian Thönes, Chairman of the Executive Board at Bielefeld-based DMG Mori AG. This feeling was shared across all exhibitor segments.

“The positive visitor response to our cloud-based simulation tools and monitoring system as an Industry 4.0 application was striking,” commented Marie-Sophie Maier-Wember, CEO of Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH in Trossingen. And the buzzwords of IoT platforms, apps, digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI), edge and cloud computing were omnipresent at the fair.

This all served to highlight just how much has changed since the most recent event two years ago. Particularly in Hall 9, the domains of research and practice came together. This blend of research and industry attracted large visitor numbers from around the world.

“We have made many new contacts, and the ideas garnered from talking to all these people will hopefully feed into future research projects,” commented Prof. Berend Denkena, President of the Academic Association for Production Technology (WGP) and head of the Institute for Production Technology and Machine Tools (IFW). “One clear conclusion from all this is that digitalisation and automation will chart our path into the future, you can see that right here at EMO Hannover,” he added.

This year’s EMO also featured the first AI applications in the Start-up area and at the stands of the relevant trailblasing companies. Along with the strong interest in AI and machine learning, visitors’ appetite for future visions was reflected in the accompanying events and forums, where the topics included not only AI, but also additive processes, the industrial internet of things (IIoT), 5G and not least OPC UA or umati, the new standard interface between machine tools and overarching IT systems.

The standout attraction consisted of the big umati showcase, which included 110 machines from 70 international firms and partners, demonstrating for the first time that the universal interface between machines and IT systems can function across all product types. According to umati project manager Dr. Alexander Broos, “the response to umati among our partners and customers has been huge. This display at EMO has successfully launched us on the market. Our next commission on returning home is to deliver the OPC UA Companion Specification at the earliest possible date.”

EMO Hannover 2019 Opens Window To Future

“Against all expectations, we can wrap up EMO Hannover 2019 on a positive note. The fair is attractive for the entire international production technology community and has confirmed there is still demand for capital investment in the marketplace. In spite of all the political turmoil, this trade fair has revealed that industry is actively addressing the challenges of the future and is determined to make its contribution as a problem solver,” concluded EMO general commissioner Carl Martin Welcker.



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EMO Hannover 2019: Global Machine Tool Community Paving The Way For Industry 4.0

EMO Hannover 2019: Global Machine Tool Community Paving The Way For Industry 4.0

70 companies from ten countries have connected 110 machines and 28 value-added services at EMO Hannover 2019 via the umati standard interface. “umati is opening up a new chapter in production,” says Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Prokop, Chairman of the VDW (Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenhersteller – German Machine Tool Builders’ Association), at the umati press conference on 16 September 2019 in Hanover.

“The interface enables machine tool manufacturers to fulfill another Industry 4.0 promise: the simple, fast and secure exchange of data,” continues Prokop. Creating a connection and providing a uniform language for machines, systems and software are essential prerequisites for reaping the benefits of digitalisation in production. The fact that individual companies no longer have to concern themselves with the correct functioning of the network interconnection represents a tremendous step forward.

International acceptance

umati has also already made a strong impression internationally. Three international consortia from major machine tool manufacturing countries have joined the interface: ProdNet from Switzerland, Edgecross from Japan and NCLink from China. In addition, the machine tool associations from China, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Taiwan as well as the European machine tool association Cecimo are supporting the project.

“Choosing the OPC UA standard as a basis for the development of the interface supports international dissemination. It ensures that umati can be used free of charge worldwide,” explains Prokop. 90 companies are contributing to the standardisation work in the Joint Working Group together with the OPC Foundation. The release of Version 1.0 of the Companion Specification, the next milestone, is planned for the middle of next year.

EMO showcase demonstrating the effectiveness of umati

The showcase at EMO Hannover 2019 demonstrates that the interface is already up and running. Each machine has an OPC UA server which sends the data to a data hub which has been set up especially for the trade fair. There, the software value-added services can access the data via OPC UA clients and show what added value can be generated from the resulting data. How the data is coming together can be experienced via a live dashboard at the umati central information booth (E24) in Hall 9.

umati success will be decided by the market

Whether or not umati is successful will ultimately depend on how customers rate the added value of the interface. For their part, manufacturers must provide this added value in a dependable manner. “For this we need reliable partners who can provide the necessary components such as control architecture and software components. We will achieve this through close cooperation with the control manufacturers and, in future, no doubt also with extensive parts of the supply chain,” says VDW Chairman Prokop.

But until then, the umati working group still has much to do. Version 1.0 will be the starting signal for launching actual products. “In the future, the umati brand should represent a promise: anyone who buys a umati machine and has umati interface software should be able to get the data flowing with no difficulty,” says Prokop.

In order to achieve similarly extensive distribution to that of the USB connector in the consumer goods sector, the VDW is working – in addition to the Companion Specifications – on establishing a binding specification for the configuration of communication parameters, defining minimum requirements for implementation, and developing standardised test procedures to assess performance. Further aims include extending the brand’s global reach, defining binding conditions for its use and setting up a viable organisational structure. “Version 2.0 is already on the horizon because there are many aspects which have not yet been tackled, such as production order management on the machines, or tool management,” concludes the VDW Chairman.



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Optimised Tool Management Through Integrated Process Chain
Significantly Better Surface Finishes Thanks To Vibration Damping



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Hexagon Puts Spotlight On Machine Tool Innovation At EMO 2019

Hexagon Puts Spotlight on Machine Tool Innovation At EMO 2019

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division will display a range of ground-breaking technologies that address today’s machine tool measurement and calibration challenges while equipping manufacturers to evolve towards Industry 4.0 at EMO Hannover 2019.

“Hexagon’s ongoing investment in developing smarter manufacturing hardware and software is resulting in innovative products that resolve manufacturers’ current issues and prepare production facilities for the future. For machine tool users this means new ways to more quickly and accurately take measurements on the shop floor and make real-time use of measurement data. Additionally, they can use ground-breaking solutions for calibrating and compensating machine tools,” said Wolfgang Madlener, Product Line Manager Sensors at Hexagon.

Amongst the innovations on display for the first time will be the LS-C-5.8 laser scanning solution for non-contact surface inspection on the machine tool. The system meets customers’ growing demand for an easy-to-use, contactless solution for capturing surface measurement data quickly and directly on the production line. Hexagon is also showing its new ultrasonic touch probe for fully automated thickness measurement, the RWP20.50-G-UTP, which integrates directly with a machine tool. Measuring thickness often requires an elaborate manual setup, which includes the installation of external, manual ultrasonic measuring instruments. The RWP20.50-G-UTP automates and simplifies the procedure, as part of the machine tool installation, just like a regular touch probe.

EMO Hannover 2019 attendees will be able to see Hexagon’s most accurate touch probe for machine tools, the RWP20.50-G-HPP, which deploys patent-pending laser-triangulation technology inside its measurement unit to achieve extremely high repeatability, low pre-travel variation and low 3D form error.

Data captured by the LS-C-5.8, the RWP20.50-G-HPP, and the RWP20.50-G-UTP will be available in real time on the shop floor, enabling manufacturers to quickly identify and address production issues. Data exchange is essential to smarter manufacturing and Hexagon will show how it has optimised the communication capabilities of its latest generation of radio-wave touch probes, with the introduction of the new RWR95.51 radio-wave receiver.

For manufacturers that rely on machining precision, Etalon, part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, has transformed the calibration of small and medium machine tools with the Etalon X-AX LASERBAR, which delivers a simpler, faster and more accurate way to monitor and calibrate small and medium machine tools and reduce the risk of expensive machining errors. It generates the complete geometrical fingerprint of a 3- to 5-axis machine tool in an automated way in one to two hours, replacing an entire toolbox of conventional calibration equipment for linear and rotary axes.

Hexagon will be showcasing the latest machine tool measurement and calibration technologies at Hall 6 Booth B60.



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Wenzel To Showcase Metrology Innovations At EMO 2019

Wenzel To Showcase Metrology Innovations at EMO 2019

Wenzel Group will be exhibiting its latest metrology innovations aimed at optimising production in the upcoming EMO Hannover 2019 trade fair in Germany. The event will be held from September 16–21, 2019.

At the fair, Wenzel will demonstrate for the first time ultra-fast 5-axis scanning in the direct production environment with its SF 87 coordinate measuring machine in conjunction with the REVO from Renishaw. Visitors to Wenzel’s booth will also learn how they can achieve full process control along the production line and increase quality and efficiency using closed loops.

Other automated measurement solutions on display include the company’s exaCT computer tomographs.

Also, Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel-Schinzer will speak at the VDMA Technology Forum on Thursday, September 19, at 14:00. Her presentation is titled “Measurement Technology as a Supporter of the Digitised Industry”.



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Hexagon Launches PC-DMIS 2019 R2
New High-Definition Feature Scanner For Automated Inspection
A New World of Laser Tracker Scanning


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KASTO To Showcase Sawing, Storage Technology Innovations At EMO 2019

KASTO To Showcase Sawing, Storage Technology Innovations At EMO 2019

Sawing and storage technology specialist KASTO will be presenting a wide range of innovations at the EMO 2019, which will be held September 16–21 in Hanover, Germany. KASTO’s booth (E54 in Hall 15) will feature an efficient energy recovery and storage concept for automated storage systems, plus new sawing machines for every requirement, ranging from the KASTOmicut workshop bandsaw and the versatile series KASTOwin/miwin to the KASTOvariospeed and KASTOtec high-performance production saws. Digital solutions will also be on show live in the booth’s Smart Solutions Corner.

On request, KASTO can offer its automated storage systems with energy recovery and integrated energy storage. Surplus kinetic energy—such as that produced when braking the storage and retrieval machine or lowering lifting gear—can be converted into electricity, fed back into the grid and used flexibly. This solution not only reduces energy costs but also improves the quality of the power supply, since energy is continuously drawn from the supply, which in turn avoids load peaks. Operators can also often plan for and use smaller transformer stations, massively reducing investment costs. Existing KASTO storage systems can also be retrofitted with energy recovery and storage. KASTO will be demonstrating the energy concept at the EMO using a UNITOWER tower storage system.

Another booth highlight will be the “Smart Solutions Corner”, where KASTO will be presenting its digitalisation and Industry 4.0 developments. Just one of many products, the KASTOlogic warehouse management system not only enables the continuous administration and control of automated storage systems, it also manages the mobile inventories of manual warehouse areas. The KASTOapp machine status display, the KASTOoptisaw saw plan generation system and the interactive remote maintenance solution, KASTO VisualAssistance will also be showcased at the trade fair. A video will show visitors how storage, sawing and material handling processes can be completely automated and optimised with KASTO solutions—all from one single source.

KASTO Expands Range of Saws

The KASTOmiwin is a double mitre bandsaw for cut-to-length and mitre cuts between -45 deg and 60 deg. It is available in semi-automated or fully automated versions and is especially designed for parts cut to size in steel construction, steel trade, plant construction, and special machine construction. KASTO also offers the KASTOmicut series of swing-frame bandsaws. Available in two sizes, these saws are especially designed for use in workshops. Users can choose different cutting ranges and manually operated, semi-automated or fully automated versions.

The universal bandsaw series KASTOwin will also be exhibited at the EMO. Designed for the serial and production sawing of solid materials, pipes and sections, KASTOwin offers a flexible solution for a wide range of applications. For particularly heavy workpieces, the KASTOwin is also available with a movable material support table. Another product in display is the production circular saw KASTOvariospeed, an all-rounder for steel processing. This CNC-controlled sawing machine can process different materials flexibly and is ideal for unmanned operation, especially in combination with a KASTOcenter sawing centre. KASTO will also debut its KASTOvariospeed C18 and showcase the extensively revised the automated bandsaw KASTOtec at EMO 2019.



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Agathon Showcases Its Innovations For Tool And Mould In EMO 2019

Agathon Showcases Its Innovations For Tool And Mould In EMO 2019

At the EMO 2019 Agathon will highlight new developments in the field of machinery and services, as well as solutions and innovations for guiding, centering and quick-change, especially for tool and mould making.

Agathon will be presenting its broad portfolio for tool and machine construction to visitors at the EMO 2019. The company highlights their top products such as the roller guide systems, in particular, for tool and mould making, but also for mechanical engineering and automation.

This porfolio also includes the Mini Fine Centering, which has gained an excellent reputation since its market introduction in the spring of 2018. With the static application of the Mini Fine Centering tool and mould inserts can be backlash-free, easy rolling and thus highly precise centered and they can also be changed extremely fast, without expert knowledge and without tilting.

Mechanical engineers are increasingly enjoying the opportunities for quick change, which is offered by the mini-fine centering. A popular field of application is the quick exchange of clamping tools. Other areas of application for the Mini Fine Centering include precision automation, for example, when gripper tools are positioned. There, the Mini Fine Centering ensures maximum process reliability, it eliminates vibrations and guarantees gentle and precise part removal.

The Mini Fine Centering can now also be used for dynamic applications. In particular, the centering of floating cavities in multi-cavity tools and moulds should offer a broad field of application for the Mini Fine Centering. Thanks to its small footprint, the number of cavities can be increased by up to 30 percent. Since the Mini Fine Centering is not paired, additional bushings of the standard 7989 can be used – in particular for turning tools or automation solutions, this offers new application possibilities.

Furthermore, the new maintenance-free sliding bushing is Agathon’s third spring innovation. It distinguishes itself especially for dry running, whereby the small backlash enables a very precise guidance. The sliding surface of the bushing is designed and structured to achieve a very high performance together with the surface of the pillars, the counter partner from the Agathon range.



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EMO 2019: ANCA To Launch Latest Generation Of ToolRoom Software

EMO 2019: ANCA To Launch Latest Generation Of ToolRoom Software

Leading cutting tool manufacture Fraisa, reduced set up from hours to five minutes through the new tool balancing feature in ANCA’s new ToolRoom RN34. A specially designed software package for the aerospace, die mould, general machining and power generation industries, the product will officially launch at EMO 2019. Customers can get improved productivity or minimise chatter through the intuitive design of high performance, complex endmills.

“ToolRoom RN34 is aimed to be the differentiator among many suppliers of endmill manufactures in the industry by allowing customers to design complex geometries through software to achieve increased tool life, productivity, cutting volume and increased quality and precision of the workpiece” says Thomson Mathew, ANCA Software Product Manager.

The constant helix ballnose option, for example, is replaced by a graphical drag-and-drop designer. This ballnose type of tool, with optimised irregular helix curves to reduce vibration, and with near-instant visualisation easily achieved by switching from the 2D projection of the cutting edge to the 3D.

Douglas Franke, Fraisa Production Manager said: “with ANCA’s balancing software we have a tool balanced generally within five minutes. Some of our more complex tooling can take a little longer – up to 20 minutes. This drastically decreased our time in setup on the machine which could take several hours. Our biggest success story has been an aerospace customer who is running our 1” aluminium roughing tool at 25k rpm.”

Lights Out Manufacturing To Be ANCA’s EMO Theme

Toolmakers have always been subject to technological change. Today the future of tool making innovation goes by many names. The Factory of the Future (FoF), the Smart Factory, or Industry 4.0. Whatever it is called, there’s one common factor: it’s revolutionary, and it will redefine and optimise manufacturing processes. ANCA will be showcasing its technology so tool makers understand how they can Build their Factory of the Future at EMO.

  • Reduce wasted materials and time through 3D simulation.
  • Increase grinding efficiencies through informed, data led decisions.
  • Reap the benefits of lights out manufacturing with affordable, easy to use robots.
  • Achieve 100 percent tool accuracy through automated in process measurement.

For tool manufacturers this will be a new landscape that places big data analytics and interconnected technology at the heart of daily work. It means streamlined business operations that allows rapid expansion into new and emerging markets and technology throughout the process to remove the need for human intervention.

Change will not happen in one radical moment. For almost 50 years ANCA has been on the journey to help our customers move towards a smart factory solution. Every world-first technology development we’ve introduced, from 3D simulation software to Laser Plus, our in-process measurement system, to RoboTeach, which makes robotic loaders accessible and easy to program, has been iterative rather than completely revolutionary.


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Hexagon Production Software Portfolio Merges Virtual And Real Manufacturing At EMO 2019

Hexagon Production Software Portfolio Merges Virtual and Real Manufacturing at EMO 2019

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division will be showcasing digital production solutions from its Production Software portfolio at EMO Hannover 2019, the world’s leading trade fair for metalworking scheduled for September 16–21 in Germany. The highlight of the booth is a demo case that will take visitors through virtual reality, into the manufacturing processes of the future.

This year’s EMO is themed “Smart Technologies Driving Tomorrow’s Production.” It shows how digital and real manufacturing worlds merge in the production of tomorrow, and how smart technologies mesh seamlessly with each other.

Visitors to Hexagon’s Production Software stand in Hall 9 can use virtual reality glasses to see the complete construction and production of a motorcycle saddle, starting with 3D scanning through a Hexagon measuring arm and reverse engineering.

Based on the 3D model, machining is optimally programmed in the EDGECAM CAM system. The subsequent NC code simulation on the virtual machine with NCSIMUL ensures a collision-free machining process. The final program can then be transferred directly to the machine and started with no loss of time when retracting.

In the demo area on the stand, visitors will have the opportunity to get to know the extensive production software portfolio, with more than ten different software solutions, including EDGECAM, WORKNC, VISI, NCSIMUL and FASYS. The Get-Together Area on the stand offers space for exchange of experience and networking.

In addition, interested parties can register directly at the exhibition stand for individual visits to the completely newly established Production Software Experience Centre at Hexagon’s Neu-Isenburg site, to see for themselves the future of intelligent CNC production, today.

EMO Hannover 2019 will also feature further solutions from the metrology portfolio of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division in Hall 6.



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HEIDENHAIN Presents Controls And Measuring Technology For Efficient Production

HEIDENHAIN Presents Controls And Measuring Technology For Efficient Production

Having command of highly complex procedures is a clear competitive advantage when it comes to milling and turning. HEIDENHAIN will be presenting their controls, encoders, and drive technologies for machine tools at EMO 2019.

In order to manufacture products that satisfy the highest demands regarding accuracy and quality in a reliable, economic, and efficient process, many different building blocks all around the machine tool must fit and interact perfectly. At EMO 2019, HEIDENHAIN will use presentations and live demonstrations to show very different combinations and possible solutions for process optimisation.

New Options, Features, And Hardware For TNC Controls

Even starting with a lot size of just one piece, HEIDENHAIN controls offers process reliability, accuracy, and productivity. Furthermore, they facilitate the simple and reliable digital integration of the machine into the process chain. Packages of functions including Dynamic Precision, Dynamic Efficiency, and Connected Machining as well as numerous additional options ensure this.

Thanks to its split screen, the new TNC 640 with a 24-inch widescreen and Extended Workspace Compact can offer two work areas: the user can have other applications be displayed alongside the control screen. This way he has an especially user-friendly workstation in order to organise jobs completely digitally directly on the control.

An Encoder Solution For Every Rotary Axis

The company’s encoders for determining the position of linear and rotary axes are the industrial standard for Closed Loop control, where the dimensionally accurate production of contours is not affected by thermally induced changes to the feed mechanism. At EMO 2019, HEIDENHAIN will particularly focus on angle encoders, and together with AMO will present solutions for every rotary axis. For example, the RCN 2001 optical angle encoders with integral bearing and integrated stator coupling have been fundamentally redesigned. The RCN 2001 angle encoders accomplish this by transmitting not only the temperature values of the integrated temperature sensor over a digital interface, but also other sensor data, particularly the temperature of the torque motor.

Innovative Setup And Measuring

Touch probes and the numerous probing cycles of the controls increase the dimensional accuracy of finished workpieces. Setup and measurement of workpieces and tools, as well as calibration of the machine kinematics, are all performed quickly and easily before machining or during operation. The touch probes are optimally tuned to the TNC cycles.

Greater Performance And Process Reliability Through New Generations Of Drive Systems

Motors and control technology from ETEL and HEIDENHAIN significantly contribute to the dynamic and highly accurate motion control of machine tools. The new GEN 3 generation of drives which will debut at EMO, ensures maximum performance and offers intelligent transmission technology, powerful diagnostics, and simple mounting and connection technology.



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