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A Reliable Partner For Your Wind Energy Project

A Reliable Partner for Your Wind Energy Project

Faccin Group’s Eng. Andrea Comparin, Rafael Soto, and Eng. Diego Morbini talk about the company’s Wind Towers Division, how they are helping address the challenges in wind tower manufacturing, and the future for the industry.

Faccin S.p.A. is a leading metal forming machine producer that manufactures the widest range of plate rolls, angle rolls, dished head, and special machines. In this feature, Eng. Andrea Comparin, Rafael Soto, and Eng. Diego Morbini, all senior technical sales managers at Faccin Group Wind Towers Division, talk about the company’s Wind Towers Division, how the company is helping address the challenges in wind tower manufacturing, and the future for the wind tower industry.

(From L-R) Eng. Andrea Comparin, Rafael Soto, and Eng. Diego Morbini of Faccin Group Wind Towers Division.


Eng. Andrea Comparin (AC): Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement goals by 2050 will require a substantial acceleration across sectors and technologies, particularly in onshore and offshore wind power generation. This sector will play a significant role by becoming a prominent energy generation source, achieving an estimated 33 percent of the total production. 

This acceleration is only possible by increasing the wind capacity installation in the next 30 years, which means that the wind power industry will have to be prepared for such a significant growth. This rise of economies of scale will impact the supply chains, which have to be more competitive and technologically advanced. 

The production of wind towers does not escape this reality. Should the towers continue being a tube made of several round cans of ever thicker steel plates, the taller the towers are, then, a fast and precise rolling of these cans is crucial for manufacturers to stay competitive in the years to come.

Faccin Group’s Wind Towers Division has been created with the aim to, first, deeply understand the challenges faced by the manufacturers of wind towers in this market environment; then, interface with the different areas of the group such as R&D, product design and production in the creation of technologically advanced solutions for these challenges; and, finally, to support the customers throughout the whole process of acquisition with just-on-time deliveries, operation coordination, and continuous follow-up of the project, even after completion.  


Eng. Diego Morbini (DM): With more than 30,000 units installed worldwide, Faccin is a leader in the development and construction of rolling and bending machines for steel plates. This wealth of knowledge and experience, fully supported by a worldwide network of active distributors, and a division fully dedicated to the wind tower industry, allow Faccin to quickly identify the trends and needs of the industry—which are then applied to designs; and by leveraging its vertically integrated production and cross-sector projects, to supply high-quality, cost-effective products within a short lead-time in this competitive market. This industrial proactivity and capability have earned Faccin the trust of the biggest manufacturers of wind towers worldwide.

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Outlook 2021

Outlook 2021

Experts in the metalworking industry provided their outlook for the coming year and their insights on how manufacturers should navigate whatever challenges the industry might still have along the way to recovery.

The year 2020 had been an extraordinary one, with the COVID-19 pandemic basically putting the global manufacturing industry on a standstill—at least except those essential industries that have scrambled to create medical equipment such as ventilators, and testing kits, as well as personal protective equipment including face masks and face shields.

The pandemic put into spotlight the agility and resiliency needed in every manufacturing industry, as supply chains get stuck and manufacturers are at a loss as to how to obtain their raw materials and parts. 

Nevertheless, the show must go on. And as vaccines are now being developed, it won’t be long until we see light at the end of this tunnel. In this special feature, experts in the metalworking industry provided their outlook for the coming year and their insights on how manufacturers should navigate whatever challenges the industry might still have along our way to recovery.


Simon Côté, Product Manager

The metalworking industry will continue to undergo major transformations in 2021. As customers continue to require more complex and sophisticated parts, it is becoming even more crucial for metalworking firms to implement new strategies and technologies to monitor the quality and compliance of final products—all while accelerating throughput due to demanding timelines.

Click here to read Simon’s outlook! 

Faccin Group

Rino Boldrini, Metal Forming Machine Specialist

There is no doubt 2020 will be remembered by most as a year to forget due to the pandemic and the global uncertainty, but it will also be considered as a starting point by those that were able to adapt to the market challenges by implementing or accelerating innovation-focused plans.

Click here to read what Rino expects this year! 

TRUMPF Asia Pacific

Chong Chee Ter, Managing Director

The outlook for the global economy in 2020 deteriorated significantly primarily due to the massive economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, we nevertheless are expecting global GDP growth to return back to the level of 2019.

Click here to read Chee Ter’s insights for 2021! 


Carsten Haecker, Head of Asia Pacific

Metalworking companies across all industries have been facing increasing demands for years now—albeit some levelling was and is still visible in the current pandemic.  To hold their own fortress against international competition, companies need versatile and efficient solutions for a wide variety of production tasks. One solution is the digitalization and networking of production and logistics processes—the basic technologies surrounding Industry 4.0.

Click here to read Carsten’s outlook! 


Eran Salmon, Executive Head of Research and Development

“Business as Usual” is constantly being redefined at ISCAR to meet the varying needs of global metalworking industries. In such a reality, innovative technologies and business opportunities emerge to meet all the challenges ahead. 

Click here to read Eran’s insights for 2021! 

Marposs KK Japan and SEA

Marco Zoli

2020 has seen the COVID-19 pandemic act on top of the existing geopolitical factors and on the shift to e-mobility, with the result of accelerating the evolution of the manufacturing environment. The trend of focusing on production resilience is set to continue, resulting in a more localized supply chain and a higher concentration on global players. 

Click here to read what Marco expects for the year! 

Paul Horn GmbH

Lothar Horn, CEO

Despite the restrictions predicted for 2021, most businesses have not stood still. In industries where exhibitions play a major role, it was more a question of how to bring innovations to market—especially with regard to communication. Many of the people I spoke to were initially very excited about the digital possibilities, and certainly rightly so. 

Click here to read Lothar’s outlook for 2021! 

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Boon Choon Lim, President, Korea, ASEAN, Pacific, India

The year 2020 was characterized by virtual work and learning, as individuals and businesses reinvented themselves to maintain productivity. Optimising the digital landscape will continue in 2021, as companies embrace innovation to meet their needs. 

Click here to read what Boon Choon expects in 2021! 

Sandvik Coromant

Rolf Olofsson, Global Product Manager

To stay competitive, manufacturers need to rely more on digitized processes and less manual interaction. To meet the new requirements, we need to continue to drive the development and digitalization of the manufacturing industry. Sandvik Coromant have a unique venture with Microsoft, combining Sandvik Coromant’s expertise in machining with Microsoft’s technical solutions. 

Click here to read Rolf’s insights for 2021! 

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Alex Teo, Managing Director and Vice President for South East Asia

2020 underscored two important pillars of manufacturing: adaptability and resiliency. With COVID-19 disrupting global supply chains, manufacturers need to inject their production chain with the agility to pivot and adapt to constantly changing market conditions. 

Click here to read what Alex expects in 2021! 

SLM Solutions Singapore

Gary Tang, Sales Director, Southeast Asia

“Change is the only constant in life” and this is characteristically so for 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Though businesses were disrupted, but in the same fast pace, opportunities arose for additive manufacturing (AM) in the medical frontline, responding quickly to severe restrictions in supply chains and traditional manufacturing bases.

Click here to read Gary’s outlook for 2021! 

Renishaw ASEAN

Steve Bell, General Manager

Unusual times in 2020 have brough significant difficulties in all walks of life, and manufacturing is no exception. The downturn in industrial activity has been evident during these COVID-19 times—mandatory closures, disruptions to the supply chain, and the stringent social distancing regulations imposed a devastating impact worldwide including the ASEAN region.   

Click here to read what Steve expects this year! 

VDW (German Machine Tool Builders’ Association)

Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, Managing Director

The coronavirus pandemic is leaving deep scars in the German and international machine tool industry. For 2020, the VDW expects a decline in production of 30 percent. After economic data and economic indicators showed an upward trend in the third quarter, uncertainty in the economy is currently increasing in view of the second wave of the pandemic.

Click here to read Dr. Wilfried’s outlook for this year! 

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Achieving Cost Reductions With Faccin-Boldrini Combo Line

Achieving Cost Reductions With Faccin-Boldrini Combo Line

Due to the high transportation costs of the supplies, long delivery times and geographic distance from the dished-head supplier, Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano was forced to increase its products’ final price, decreasing consequently its competitiveness in the market. The company decided to establish a new long-term business strategy: the acquisition of a high-quality metal dished-head manufacturing combo line that would allow it to excel in the region offering products at competitive prices and with the quality standards required by the most prominent manufacturers of tanks nationwide.

When Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano discussed the project with the Faccin Group, they were offered a very interesting solution that perfectly suited their long-term strategy, budget, and future benefits.

They knew about Boldrini for a very long time from word-of-mouth by other companies, and when they approached Faccin Group, the company was offered a very interesting solution that perfectly suited its long-term strategy.

During the decision process Industrias Metalúrgicas Serrano was supported by a very professional team from Faccin Group who gave them the confidence to continue with the project with excellent results.

The products proposed by the group were the Boldrini Hydraulic Press paired with a manipulator and a Faccin flanging machine, a line that gives them excellent results, so much so that its new customers highly value the quality of the final product.

Thanks to the advanced numerical control system installed on both machines, the company is seeing constant improvement in terms of the time of dished-head forming, which translates into cost reduction and, consequently, providing a product with superior quality at a more competitive value.

Industrias Metalurgicas Serrano soon hopes to make the acquisition of an even more powerful flanging machine and they do not doubt that they will trust Faccin Group again for future investments.

The Company

Faccin S.p.A. is a very powerful group which combines the best brands – Faccin, Boldrini and Roundo – in plate rolling, profile bending and dished-heads manufacturing, all united under one roof and offering the widest range of high-quality options available in the metal forming market.

For further information visit Faccin and Boldrini’s websites.

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Faccin Metal Forming Taking The Middle East By Storm

Faccin Metal Forming Taking the Middle East By Storm

Saudi Arabia, spearheaded by its national oil company Saudi Aramco, has taken the ambitious strategic decision to involve more domestic companies in the development of the country’s infrastructure and as consequence, and important flow of investment in machinery and equipment is taking place. Aramco’s goal is to purchase 75 percent of all their material needs locally by 2021. Currently at 35 percent means they are going to slightly double their purchases from Saudi businesses in the next two years.

Following suit, a large Saudi organisation, one of the first companies Saudi Aramco has worked with, has decided to appoint Faccin to supply them with three 4-rolls plate rolling machines with capacities ranging from 75mm to 125mm plate thickness for their Storage Tank and Process Equipment business sectors. These three new rolling machines have been added to a medium sized plate rolling machine they acquired some time ago.

Furthermore, a Dubai state-owned company, primarily focused on the upstream oil and gas industry has approached Faccin with another order for a new plate rolling machine for its new manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia. The investment was driven by the need to enhance the company’s IKTVA (in-Kingdom Total Value Added) and thus ordering a 4-rolls plate rolling machine, a solution that combines power, reliability and precision in an exclusive package.

A UAE based company specialising in oil and gas, petrochemical, power and water, marine and mining industries has also selected the 4-rolls plate rolling machine during expansion of their factory.

The company has successfully hundreds of plate rolling machines installed in the region from medium thick plates to over 300mm plate thickness, covering the needs of each manufacturer and demonstrating demonstrate a prompt service support.


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