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Latest Product Launches From Aerotech To Hypertherm

Latest Product Launches From Aerotech To Hypertherm

Aerotech: AGV-XPO Premier Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

Aerotech_ AGV-XPO Premier Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

The AGV-XPO is a high-dynamic, two-axis laser scan head that combines low-inertia, high-efficiency motors with ultra-high resolution position feedback and optimised structural dynamics to deliver rapid acceleration profiles and excellent part-profile tracking with minimal following error. 

It is ideal for high-throughput applications that require superior dynamic precision, minimal following error and rapid move-and-settle performance, including display processing and manufacturing; high-speed drilling and cutting; electronics manufacturing; large-field and long focal length scanning; and femtosecond laser processing.

Beamex: ePG Electrical Pressure Generator

The Beamex ePG is an electrical pressure pump for industrial pressure calibration applications. It is a robust, portable battery-operated pressure pump that enables easy and quick pressure generation from near vacuum up to 20 bar (300 psi). With a field-replaceable, long-lasting battery pack, users can perform a large number of pressure calibrations on a single charge.

The Beamex ePG can be used together with any existing pressure calibrator. It is very intuitive to use, with coarse and fine adjustment buttons to easily generate the required pressure.

Faulhaber: New AM3248 Stepper Motor With 10,000 rpm

With its speed and torque, the new AM3248 stepper motor offers up to 10,000 rpm; it can achieve five times the speed of comparable stepper motors. Combined with a gearhead reduction of 100:1, it supplies a torque of 5 Nm. The motor delivers these values with a diameter of just 32 mm.

This makes it ideally suited for a wide range of applications in areas such as aerospace, laboratory automation, large optical systems, the semiconductor industry, robotics and 3D printing.

HARTING: har-modular And har-flex PCB Connectors

Har-modular is a modular building block concept: the various different modules enable a billion possible combinations. har-modular is a modular PCB interface that can be individually configured online by any developer. The har-flex connectors with 6-100 contacts for signals, power or data follow a similar but markedly reduced approach with a pitch of 1.27mm.

Different heights for mezzanine applications, the space-saving connection of ribbon cables and the high manufacturing quality for automated soldering processes are convincing factors in miniaturised PCB applications. har-flex is ideal for use in miniaturised PCB applications.

HIKMICRO: M Series Handheld Thermography

There’s good reason to lean on thermal imaging for facilities maintenance. In a recent multi-year study, in collaboration with CNA Financial Corporation, 6,154 thermography inspections were evaluated. Thermography inspections saved customers an estimated total of 52 million dollars, equating to an impressive ROI of US$8,449 in savings per day.

HIKMICRO M series handheld thermography is one of the best choice for facilities maintenance. HIKMICRO handheld thermography provides 2 years battery and 3 years full product and 10 years detector insurance.

HIOKI: 5 Models Of Clamp-Type Current Sensors

Hioki will release clamp-type current sensors: AC/DC current probes CT6841A, CT6843A, CT6844A, CT6845A and CT6846A. The conventional feature of a clamp-type current sensor has the convenience of measuring the current without having to disconnect the measuring cable.

The new clamp-type current sensors combine this convenience with reliable and accurate measurements. These features enable the accurate power consumption measurement required by the WLTP test, (Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure – the international fuel economy standards for automobiles).

Hypertherm’s New PlateSaver Technology

PlateSaver is available through Hypertherm’s ProNest® and other authorised software for fabricators cutting mild steel on a CNC table using X-Definition plasma. It combines the arc stability of X-Definition plasma with specialised software parameters to dramatically increase material utilisation. In addition to shorter lead-ins and lead-outs, PlateSaver takes molten metal into account by using moving pierces that cause molten splatter to fall within a predictable “splash zone.”

SureCut technology maximises cutting performance by automatically embedding thousands of cutting parameters into authorised hardware and software products. It includes True Hole® for bolt ready holes, True Bevel to simplify the process of cutting bevelled edges, and Rapid Part® to markedly reduce cut-to-cut cycle time.

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