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Latest Product Launches From Aerotech To Hypertherm

Latest Product Launches From Aerotech To Hypertherm

Aerotech: AGV-XPO Premier Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

Aerotech_ AGV-XPO Premier Two-Axis Laser Scan Head

The AGV-XPO is a high-dynamic, two-axis laser scan head that combines low-inertia, high-efficiency motors with ultra-high resolution position feedback and optimised structural dynamics to deliver rapid acceleration profiles and excellent part-profile tracking with minimal following error. 

It is ideal for high-throughput applications that require superior dynamic precision, minimal following error and rapid move-and-settle performance, including display processing and manufacturing; high-speed drilling and cutting; electronics manufacturing; large-field and long focal length scanning; and femtosecond laser processing.

Beamex: ePG Electrical Pressure Generator

The Beamex ePG is an electrical pressure pump for industrial pressure calibration applications. It is a robust, portable battery-operated pressure pump that enables easy and quick pressure generation from near vacuum up to 20 bar (300 psi). With a field-replaceable, long-lasting battery pack, users can perform a large number of pressure calibrations on a single charge.

The Beamex ePG can be used together with any existing pressure calibrator. It is very intuitive to use, with coarse and fine adjustment buttons to easily generate the required pressure.

Faulhaber: New AM3248 Stepper Motor With 10,000 rpm

With its speed and torque, the new AM3248 stepper motor offers up to 10,000 rpm; it can achieve five times the speed of comparable stepper motors. Combined with a gearhead reduction of 100:1, it supplies a torque of 5 Nm. The motor delivers these values with a diameter of just 32 mm.

This makes it ideally suited for a wide range of applications in areas such as aerospace, laboratory automation, large optical systems, the semiconductor industry, robotics and 3D printing.

HARTING: har-modular And har-flex PCB Connectors

Har-modular is a modular building block concept: the various different modules enable a billion possible combinations. har-modular is a modular PCB interface that can be individually configured online by any developer. The har-flex connectors with 6-100 contacts for signals, power or data follow a similar but markedly reduced approach with a pitch of 1.27mm.

Different heights for mezzanine applications, the space-saving connection of ribbon cables and the high manufacturing quality for automated soldering processes are convincing factors in miniaturised PCB applications. har-flex is ideal for use in miniaturised PCB applications.

HIKMICRO: M Series Handheld Thermography

There’s good reason to lean on thermal imaging for facilities maintenance. In a recent multi-year study, in collaboration with CNA Financial Corporation, 6,154 thermography inspections were evaluated. Thermography inspections saved customers an estimated total of 52 million dollars, equating to an impressive ROI of US$8,449 in savings per day.

HIKMICRO M series handheld thermography is one of the best choice for facilities maintenance. HIKMICRO handheld thermography provides 2 years battery and 3 years full product and 10 years detector insurance.

HIOKI: 5 Models Of Clamp-Type Current Sensors

Hioki will release clamp-type current sensors: AC/DC current probes CT6841A, CT6843A, CT6844A, CT6845A and CT6846A. The conventional feature of a clamp-type current sensor has the convenience of measuring the current without having to disconnect the measuring cable.

The new clamp-type current sensors combine this convenience with reliable and accurate measurements. These features enable the accurate power consumption measurement required by the WLTP test, (Worldwide harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure – the international fuel economy standards for automobiles).

Hypertherm’s New PlateSaver Technology

PlateSaver is available through Hypertherm’s ProNest® and other authorised software for fabricators cutting mild steel on a CNC table using X-Definition plasma. It combines the arc stability of X-Definition plasma with specialised software parameters to dramatically increase material utilisation. In addition to shorter lead-ins and lead-outs, PlateSaver takes molten metal into account by using moving pierces that cause molten splatter to fall within a predictable “splash zone.”

SureCut technology maximises cutting performance by automatically embedding thousands of cutting parameters into authorised hardware and software products. It includes True Hole® for bolt ready holes, True Bevel to simplify the process of cutting bevelled edges, and Rapid Part® to markedly reduce cut-to-cut cycle time.

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Latest Product Launches From Kennametal To Mitsubishi Electric

Latest Product Launches From Kennametal To Mitsubishi Electric

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

ElectroCraft, the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has released a NEMA23 frame size to add to the ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Enhanced Series Stepper Linear Actuator product line.

ElectroCraft enhanced series linear actuators have been available in a NEMA11 frame size for several years but are now being offered in both NEMA17 and NEMA23 frames for greatly enhanced performance capabilities. In addition to multiple frame sizes, motors can be configured in different lengths and winding options to produce the needed motor torque and speed output. While the enhanced series offers 50 percent more output force than similar sized offerings, they also realise similar benefits in total life of product and ultra long-term reliability.

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

Hypertherm Release Of Production Manager

The release of Production Manager is an optional module for its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software. This web-based module is designed to improve productivity, maximize machine up-time, boost on-time delivery, and increase material utilisation. Production Manager seamlessly integrates with Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect® CNC, to automatically capture machine data without the need for operator intervention. In addition, it displays real-time production data so team members across an organisation can track the status of job orders, the production schedule, and pending inventory requirements. 

Additional features include dashboard view, real-time information, flexible intervention and remote access. 

igus Presents The World’s Lightest Cobot

New ReBeL with fully integrated polymer strain wave gear lowers entry barriers in service robotics. With the new ReBeL, igus now presents a plastic cobot that weighs only ten kilograms. Together with low costs, low maintenance and simple operation, the ReBeL makes new innovative ideas in service robotics feasible for smaller companies and start-ups – from installed use on agricultural drones up to mobile support as household help. Many new innovative ideas are now becoming feasible: from use in an automated guided vehicle system to use as a bartender. 

Kennametal Introduces FIX8™ For Heavy-Duty Turning

Kennametal has released the FIX8™ heavy-duty turning system, delivering maximum metal removal rates in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. With eight cutting edges per insert, the FIX8 turning system increases productivity of any heavy-duty turning operation, providing the lowest cost per edge while reducing cutting forces up to 15 percent.

The tangential design of the FIX8 insert features a rigid clamping system that pulls the insert securely into the pocket seat, offering superior stability that enables the insert to withstand large cutting forces and vibrations for optimal performance. The insert is also supported by a replaceable carbide shim, protecting the pocket against deformation and damage.

Latest Version Of Evatronix SA, eviXscan 3D Software

The eviXscan 3D software update version 2.8 introduced an improvement of scanning parameters, which is noticeable especially to the older generation of eviXscan 3D scanners, such as measuring devices from Heavy Duty line (Quadro, Optima or Basic). This improvement allows for significantly better scanning results, so there is no need to replace the device with a newer model. Compared to previous versions of eviXscan 3D, the point cloud generation time has been significantly reduced in Suite 2.8.

The latest version of the software allows eviXscan 3D scanners to be integrated with Universal Robots and HAN*S robots without external plug-ins. 

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software

Available now, an enhanced RTCP (Rotation Tool Centre Point) function with tool vector programming that significantly simplifies the usage of five-axis machine tools.

NUM’s Flexium software, version or higher, now features a special HMI (Human-Machine Interface) to allow the corresponding correction values to be entered. The coordinate system resulting from the shifts and rotations is called a ‘Balanced Coordinate System’ (or BCS) and the compensation function is known as 3DWPC (3D workpiece compensation). Additionally, the software now includes a function to help machine users accelerate the roughing operation’s tunings and then achieve optimal surface finishes.

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software


Mencom’s New MIXO Modular Pneumatic Connections

Mencom announces an improved version of the MIXO modular pneumatic connection system that uses a new self-extinguishing thermoplastic insert and metal contacts. The new MIXO system not only allows more frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems but also guarantees better mechanical resistance, increased airflow for transmitting dry and compressed air in pneumatic systems.

These metal pneumatic contacts can permanently withstand the constant pressure of 10 bar. The contacts can be mated up to 10,000 cycles when installed with HNM (High Number of Matings) series enclosures and frames for modular units, and up to 500 cycles when installed with MIXO frames and standard enclosures. In a single MIXO module, two different pneumatic fitting methods can be installed.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

Industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism* cuts maintenance costs and energy consumption. A new high-power electromagnet uses both tapered and magnetic latch structures in its movable iron core, realising the industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism, which requires only the same amount of power as a motorised control. 

Using electromagnetism instead of a spring for the operating mechanism reduces the number of components by 46% and maintenance requirements by 30% compared to conventional operating mechanisms that use a motor and spring, thereby improving maintainability. Not having to charge a spring conserves energy by reducing the use of electric power to open/close the circuit breaker by 88%.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

*(Among low-voltage air circuit breakers (as of December 2, 2021, according to internal research)




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Latest Product Launches From ABB To Keysight Technologies

Latest Product Launches From ABB To Keysight Technologies

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

ABB’s Datalyzer is designed to help customers respond to this challenge. The comprehensive, cloud-based modular application provides real-time status across a fleet of analyzers and plants. In doing so, it lowers ownership costs and reduces capital expenditure. 

Datalyzer collects data from emissions monitoring analyzers which is then routed to an on-site Edge device (Micro PC). The Edge device sends the relevant information up to Datalyzer which sits in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application analyses the data received transforming it into concrete information for decision-making.  

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

FusionSolar All-scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution

At Intersolar 2021 Europe, Huawei presents the new-generation FusionSolar All-scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution, It covers “4+1” scenarios: Large-scale Utility Scenario, Green Residential Power 2.0, Green C&I Power 1.0, and Off-grid (fuel removal) Power Supply Solutions and Energy Cloud, aiming to accelerate the shift to low-carbon generation and bridge the energy divide.

The new power system which supported by renewables continues to drive global energy transformation, and the commitment to carbon neutrality accelerates extensive and profound social and economic changes for sustainable development.

Huawei Presents FusionSolar All-Scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution at Intersolar 2021

Hypertherm’s New Powermax SYNC™ Air Plasma Systems

Featuring built-in intelligence and revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumables, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximises performance for customers in the shipbuilding, construction & machinery, structural steel, or transportation industries.

Powermax SYNC and its SmartSYNC™ torch replaces the traditional five-piece consumable stack-up with an easy-to-identify single-piece cartridge consumable that is colour-coded by process to eliminate confusion and simplify consumable inventory management. Technology embedded in each cartridge automatically sets the correct amperage, air pressure, and operating mode and displays a prompt when a new cartridge is needed.

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

Durable, lightweight and low-cost: the new drylin W linear bearing from igus. It is made entirely of iglidur polymer, so it can be manufactured quickly, simply and cost-effectively with injection moulding. The liner and linear housing are combined in a single component that simplifies handling, from storage to installation. The iglidur polymer bearing weighs up to eighty-four percent less than classic linear bearings with their metallic housings.The new bearing can be installed very easily on any drylin W single rails or double rails.

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

igus Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads 

In most applications, customers rely on the strong E4.1 universal energy chain modular system. igus has now expanded the successful system with glide pads and roller chain links for quick retrofitting. This allows users in abrasive environments as well as in applications with very high speeds or extreme travel lengths to increase the service life of their systems quickly and cost-effectively. In future, users will also be able to obtain a proposal for their optimum energy chain solution for long travels online.

igus _Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads

igus _Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

API introduces the next generation of iScan3DTM Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation.

iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner. It is designed for portable shop-floor dimensional inspection and scanning markets to provide both accurate measurements and point-cloud generation from a single-handed ergonomic sensor.

iScan3D combines tactile and scanning measurements, giving users the freedom to measure wherever and whenever, regardless of part size and feature locations, in a single setup.

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software 

Keysight’s IoT Security Assessment software leverages more than twenty years of experience in network security testing to reveal security vulnerabilities across any network technology. The software offers comprehensive, automated testing to rapidly cover a large matrix of known and unknown vulnerabilities. IoT security assessments include novel cybersecurity attack tools and techniques for wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to test known vulnerabilities, as well as to discover new vulnerabilities.

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software

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Hypertherm Introduces Extreme Bevel Plasma Consumables For Its Air And Oxygen Plasma System

Hypertherm Introduces Extreme Bevel Plasma Consumables For Its Air And Oxygen Plasma System

Hypertherm has released the extreme bevel consumables for its MAXPRO200 LongLife air and oxygen plasma cutting system. 

The consumables, designed for mechanized, robotic, and handheld cutting, have an aggressive pointed geometry so the plasma torch can tilt to an angle of up to 66.5 degrees. This makes the consumables ideal for a wide range of jobs including steep mechanized beveling, tube and pipe cutting, structural steel work, pressure vessel construction, and handheld cutting. In addition, it makes it easier for operators to see what they are cutting and gives them better access to beam flanges and areas with limited clearance for better cuts and fewer secondary operations.

The extreme bevel consumables are available for both air and oxygen cutting at 130 and 200 amps. MAXPRO200 owners and operators can choose to purchase the consumables separately or as part of a starter kit (part 528058) that includes consumables for all the extreme bevel cutting processes available for this system.

“The MAXPRO200 is a true workhorse for companies demanding great cut quality along with high productivity and low operating costs,” said Jorge Santana, a Hypertherm product manager. “It’s 100 percent duty cycle combined with 200 amps of power and the versatility offered by both hand and mechanized cutting make it an enormously popular system. The addition of these extreme bevel consumables creates new opportunities for customers around the world.”

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Key Considerations When Choosing An Industrial Cutting System

Key Considerations When Choosing An Industrial Cutting System

Aaron Zou, regional director for Asia at Hypertherm, discusses the trends shaping the metal cutting industry, the common industrial cutting challenges, and key considerations in choosing your metal cutting systems.

Aaron Zou, Regional Director for Asia, Hypertherm

Founded in 1968 and headquartered in New Hampshire, United States, Hypertherm designs and manufactures industrial cutting products for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes cutting systems, in addition to CNC motion and height controls, CAM nesting software, robotic software and consumables.

In an interview, Aaron Zou, regional director for Asia at Hypertherm, discusses the trends shaping the metal cutting industry and the common industrial cutting challenges. He also talked about the latest plasma technologies to address those issues as well as the key considerations in choosing metal cutting systems.


Aaron Zou (AZ): The current landscape brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transformation of traditional manufacturing practices—forcing manufacturers to leverage on innovations, integrate new technologies to current processes, and to develop new solutions or services to address evolving market needs. This change will continue to be driven by automation and digitalization, where technologies related to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will enable companies to build up smarter production facilities and allow the industry to establish a smart machinery eco-system. By adopting such technologies, businesses can better utilize the ‘down time’ during this pandemic to improve production efficiencies and to implement automated processes, so as to be prepared as normalcy returns and pent-up demand starts picking up.


AZ: Most manufacturers in the metalworking industry are familiar with increasing customer demands for improvements to their parts design, in a bid to achieve higher quality standards. In fact, many have had to deploy a secondary operation, like drilling or grinding, to correct unsatisfactory hole quality after using a plasma system on a CNC machine.

Another challenge that manufacturers typically experience is related to bevel profiling—an increasingly difficult job due to advanced automation in welding processes. A common approach is for manufacturers to have their parts cut by plasma systems and later achieve the bevelled edges using secondary processes like grinding, mechanical bevel, or oxyfuel. In some cases, manufacturers were able to achieve bevelling using just their plasma CNC machines. However, this usually involves some constraints such as machine bevel set-up (which can take up to 3 hours) and bevel profile outcomes that do not meet the required design tolerance.

Furthermore, manufacturers have to deal with rising expectations and demand for better customer experience. Product quality is increasingly becoming a given, or a ‘standard’ feature, and customers’ expectations are shifting—valuing the experience delivered over the entire duration of their project life cycle more than they had previously. Businesses will need to redirect their focus from merely selling products and services to creating an exceptional overall customer experience.


AZ: Through the expertise of our team and the feedback collected from our users, we were able to develop a range of specific applications to enhance plasma machine usage with Hypertherm’s automated solutions. SureCut technologies like True Hole and True Bevel were developed to remove the need for secondary operations like grinding to produce high quality parts, and to improve production efficiency by reducing set-up time or the need for trial-and-error.

To continue reading this article, head on over to our Ebook!

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New Update For Hypertherm Robotmaster Robotic Software

New Update For Hypertherm Robotmaster Robotic Software

Hypertherm has released the Robotmaster Version 7.3 offline robot programming software with extensive features and enhancements designed to further simplify robotic programming.

Additions found in V7.3 include:

  • Support for the newest CAD file types, 3D printing software, and third-party plugs-in for software brands such as CATIA, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Siemens, Solid Edge, AutoCAD, Pro-E/Creo, Rhino, and more.
  • Performance improvements for faster data processing and robot code output when creating additive manufacturing paths in addition to post processor enhancements for major robot brands such as Kuka, ABB, and Fanuc.
  • The addition of new modules including a spray simulation module for companies who use robots to spray, coat, or paint products as well as a module that simulates material deposition during additive manufacturing, adhesive dispensing, welding, and similar applications.
  • Numerous productivity enhancements to existing modules for more accurate time estimates, the ability to quickly import g-code from 3D slicing software including Cura and Slic3r, and the ability to automatically set a cutting direction based on material location with respect to the path.
  • Notable enhancements to the path import module providing users with an option to read custom instructions and set process activations and deactivations directly from imported code and enjoy a more accurate interaction, process simulation, and robot code output for both g-code and APT formats.

“The many new features found in V7.3 are based on close work with many of our current customers to understand how we can further streamline offline robotic programming,” explains Garen Cakmak, leader of Hypertherm’s Robotic Software Team.

“By adding support for more software types, files, and robots, we are helping customers solve sometimes complex challenges quickly and easily.”

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Hypertherm Releases Version Update Of CAD/CAM Nesting Software: ProNest 2021

Hypertherm Releases Version Update Of CAD/CAM nesting software: ProNest 2021

Hypertherm has released ProNest 2021, a major version update of its advanced CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting. This new release contains new features and enhancements designed to make customers more efficient and profitable. These features include:

  • Redesigned 2D CAD package provides improved font support, ability to shape text, and other new features that are especially popular among sign makers.
  • CAD editor preference users to set a default CAD program for edits to parts in the ProNest part list. Select the embedded ProNest CAD software or choose a third-party software such as AutoCAD.
  • Part report quickly opened from the part list so users can add individual part reports with an image of the part, plus dimensions, size, material, class, process, costing information, and more.
  • Interior bridge cutting to add bridges to text and other interior geometry so that pieces don’t drop when cut. This helps minimise interior cutouts on parts for aesthetic purposes and reduces tip-ups.

“ProNest 2021 builds on the strong foundation of ProNest 2019 to make the programming process more efficient,” said Tom Stillwell, Marketing Project Manager for Hypertherm CAD/CAM software products. “Whether using plasma, waterjet, laser, or oxyfuel cutting, this new version provides the powerful tools fabricators and manufacturers need to increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality.”

In addition, Hypertherm is releasing upgrades to its ProNest LT software for lighter production environments. Users with an active subscription, and customers with an active maintenance plan can upgrade to the new version of their respective product at no additional charge and continue to receive unlimited technical support, and other benefits.

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Faster Robot Programming With Hypertherm Robotmaster Version 7.2

Faster Robot Programming With Hypertherm Robotmaster Version 7.2

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has announced a new version update to Robotmaster V7, its CAD/CAM based offline robot programming software. This new release contains targeted features and enhancements designed to make customers more efficient and profitable. New features include:

  • Path Transform

Path Transform allows users to copy, move, array, or mirror the path(s) in different or multiple locations on the part. This new feature eliminates redundant work and expedites the programming.

  • The All-New Intelligent Cell and Tooling Creator

Integrators, partners, and end-users can now set up their robotic cell inside of Robotmaster themselves. Its intuitive user interface with real-time visual feedback enables users to calibrate, optimise, validate, and commission their robotic cell and tooling up to 10 times faster with unparalleled ease!

  • New Welding Tools

The new welding tools will highlight how easy path creation has gotten in welding. The new welding selection method improves path creation in a visual method which virtually eliminates the need to modify the geometry to select the welding seams while minimising the number of clicks. This method and the new touch sensing grouping not only speeds up the process up to 10 times faster but also simplifies the overall workflow.

  • Geometry Filtering 

New Geometry Filtering feature automatically filters out bad geometry edges to create quality paths, without worrying about bad geometry edges being unusable. The geometry filtering not only allows for cleaner path creation, but also smoother robotic motion.

  • Video Tutorials 

Maximise the full potential of your software and get up to speed faster than ever with a new library of video tutorials—from step-by-step part programming videos to brand new Cell and Tool Editor tutorials.

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Enhancing Your Cutting Processes

Enhancing Your Cutting Processes

In a bid to improve and upgrade their production capabilities, Daeyoung Sus Tech embarked on a hunt for a cutting system that will reduce cutting time and empower them to meet future production needs. Article by Hypertherm.

Today’s manufacturing landscape is changing rapidly with the onset of technological advancements. As a result, businesses now need to grapple with various challenges that come with the changing landscape. One of such challenge is to maintain an edge over business rivals, where manufacturers need to pay close attention to the way they maximize productivity while ensuring product quality is not compromised.

For South Korean metal fabricator, Daeyoung Sus Tech, in seeking to thrive in this competitive business environment, finding a solution that will enable it to retain its competitive edge and improve production capabilities for the long-term was paramount.

Since beginning its operations in 2001, Daeyoung Sus Tech (formerly known as Cheolwon Stainless) has been focused on producing stainless steel parts and bars for semiconductor manufacturers and construction companies.

A Solution to Meet Future Needs

In 2018, in a bid to consolidate their facilities and expand their operations, Daeyoung Sus Tech began the process of setting up a new factory building—one that was almost four times larger than their former facilities.

The management team desired not only to update their equipment, but also to find a solution to enhance their production capabilities. Previously, the company had deployed a local plasma system for their cutting needs. However, this system—which took over 12 hours to fulfil an order—proved to be inefficient. The Daeyoung Sus Tech team embarked on a hunt for a cutting system that will reduce cutting time and empower them to meet future production needs.

After an extensive search, the team at Daeyoung Sus Tech found that the Hypertherm’s XPR300 plasma cutting system met all their rigorous requirements.

“We were focused on searching for a solution that would help us improve on work speed and cut quality,” says Cho Woo Je, General Manager. “After meeting with the Hypertherm customer service team we were very impressed by both the X-Definition technology and their service, so we made the XPR300 our top choice.”

Reaping the Benefits of the XPR300

The X-Definition technology offers improved cut quality on mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminium. Through processes like the HyFlow vortex, vented water injection, and vent-to-shield, X-Definition plasma cutting systems bring about cleaner, sharper, more consistent edge quality, and colour. With this latest technology, Hypertherm’s XPR300 cutting system allows users to enjoy increased cut speed, significant improvements in productivity, and reduced operating costs.

For Daeyoung Sus Tech, which works with stainless steel materials that range from 6mm to 100mm in thickness, finding a solution that can address their varied cutting needs while enjoying excellent cut quality was a dream fulfilled.

New features on the XPR300 system also made things easier for operators, while ensuring optimal performance and unmatched reliability. Users possess full control of functions and settings via the CNC, which is intuitive to operate and provides automatic monitoring. All these features made it easy for the team at Daeyoung Sus Tech to get accustomed to the XPR300 system quickly and to commence their production processes.


Click here to read the full version of the article in the April 2020 issue of Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News.


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