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Latest Product Launches From Mencom To Igus

Latest Product Launches From Mencom To igus

Maxim Integrated: Trinamic 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver

Maxim Integrated_ Trinamic 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver

Maxim Integrated_ Trinamic 3-Phase MOSFET Gate Driver

The fully integrated TMC6140-LA 3-phase MOSFET gate driver simplifies design and maximises the battery life of brushless direct current (DC) motor drives. It integrates all three bottom shunt amplifiers to provide a complete motor drive solution with 30 percent improved power efficiency while simplifying design by reducing the component count by half when compared to similar solutions.

The TMC6140-LA is optimised for performance over a wide voltage range, making it well-suited for servo motors, brushless motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors.

Hybrid Electric Marine Propulsion System

Shaped to externally resemble an aviation jet, through an integrated electric motor it sucks the water from the front and pushes it from the bow side to propel the boat. The energy for the electric motor is supplied by batteries that can be recharged on board by the FPT Industrial N67 570 EVO engine, coupled with a state-of-the-art variable generator, or by the charging station when the boat is in harbour mode.

The new Hybrid Electric system is designed to maximize efficiency, silence, application modularity and flexibility. With the same amount of energy, the DeepSpeed Jet generates more thrust and speed compared to a prop system, while consuming less.

Integrated Electric Axle

Delivering high performance (840 kW), outstanding efficiency and full sustainability, the e-axle for HCVs was jointly developed for the BEV version of the Nikola Tre truck. With a range of up to 560 km (350 miles) and dynamic performance, the Nikola Tre BEV truck will be an important step forward in making zero-emissions transportation possible for heavy-duty commercial trucking. FPT Industrial, IVECO and Nikola have adopted a modular approach in developing their electric offering, which is unique in the industry.

The Nikola Tre platform will be capable of using either battery-electric technology or hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology. With this approach, the partners are taking the long view, bringing both technologies on stream now to pursue BEV and FCEV in their offering in the next few years.

Mencom’s IP68 Enclosures Series

Mencom offers a range of IP68 series rectangular enclosures that provide the highest level of protection against dust and complete continuous submersion in water. These IP68 series enclosures have also successfully passed the tests required for the IPX6 degree of protection (tightness to powerful water jets) and for the IPX9 degree of protection (high pressure and temperature water jets). Therefore, their official overall protection rating is IP66/IP68/IP69.

The IP68 enclosure series is larger than the standard enclosures, providing more space for easier cable management, and the walls are thicker to provide more mechanical robustness.

Mitsubishi Electric’s New Graphic Operation Terminals 

Mitsubishi Electric has launched two new additional Graphic Operation Terminals (GOTs) to its GOT SIMPLE Series lineup. The 10-inch and 7-inch widescreen models, which support virtual network computing (VNC), can be used as VNC servers enabling remote access from offices or other remote locations field engineers may find themselves.

This feature will help meet customers’ needs for improved work efficiencies when performing monitoring and maintenance in factories, buildings, utilities and other automation applications.

Mitutoyo America Introduces MCOSMOS Version 5.0


Mitutoyo America Corporation recently announced the release of MCOSMOS Version 5.0, the newest version of their advanced metrology suite for Coordinate Measuring Machines. This software offers support in thirty-seven separate locations and in twelve different languages.

What distinguishes MCOSMOS v.5 from its predecessor are the upgrades to its interface, functions, and performance. Most noticeable from launch is the new and simplified graphical user interface: The updates made to this are not only visually pleasing but also assist in improving the user experience, no matter their level of knowledge working with the tool. These changes include easy-to-use “ribbons” and a much-requested search function, assisting operators in finding specific sections of their measuring process for detailed reports.

PTG HOLROYD Rotor Grinding Machine


The TG range starts with the TG50E, a machine designed to precision grind components of up to 50 mm in diameter and 610 mm in length, with models offering stepped increases in capability up to the production of helical components measuring 450 mm in diameter and 2020 mm in length.  

Equally suited to prototyping, batch and volume production, TG Series machines are designed primarily for the finish grinding of helical screw components such as worm screws and rotors after they have been milled to a rough or semi-finished state. TG models offer production rates and accuracies to suit precise manufacturing strategies. Fully automated on-machine probing provides closed-loop feedback of corrections to the dresser wheel and does not require a high level of operator skill. 

QuickRobot Online Tool From igus

These robots weld, rivet, palletise and assist. In order for the small and large production to be able to work fail-safe in 24/7 operation, they need the right energy supply system to safely route the cables and hoses from axis 1 to axis 6.

For the simple design of the individual energy chain for cobots, SCARA, 4-axis robots and 6-axis robots, igus has now expanded the capabilities of its robot equipment configurator. In the online tool, users can select their robot from 418 different models from 10 manufacturers and find the optimum energy supply for axes 1 to 6.

Siemens’ Simcenter 3D 2022.1

Siemens Digital Industries Software just announced the latest update to Siemens’ Simcenter™ 3D software, part of Siemens’ Xcelerator portfolio of software and services.

The update enables engineers to tackle the complexity of product development and innovation with advanced simulation, offering new capabilities such as increased support for turbomachinery modelling, a dedicated drop test application for handheld devices, tightly integrated topology optimization with the NX Design environment, and a new acoustic solution method that is up to 10 times faster than standard methods.

WITT Safety Valves For H2 Electrolysers

The WITT safety valves AV 619 and AV 919 perfectly match the target pressure and temperature ranges of PEM and Solid Oxide electrolysers. The opening pressure can be set accurately anywhere in range 5 to 500 mbar. The operating temperature can be anywhere up to 250 deg C. For Alkaline electrolysers, the SV 805 model is ideal, with an opening pressure settable anywhere in the range 0.5 to 45 bar, with operating temperatures up to 150 deg C.

Highly precise and reliable, the valves open when the set pressure is reached and safely protect workers and sensitive equipment from overpressure. Despite their small size, the valves allow high flow rates, making them also suitable for large installations.

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Latest Product Launches From Kennametal To Mitsubishi Electric

Latest Product Launches From Kennametal To Mitsubishi Electric

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

ElectroCraft, the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has released a NEMA23 frame size to add to the ElectroCraft AxialPower™ Enhanced Series Stepper Linear Actuator product line.

ElectroCraft enhanced series linear actuators have been available in a NEMA11 frame size for several years but are now being offered in both NEMA17 and NEMA23 frames for greatly enhanced performance capabilities. In addition to multiple frame sizes, motors can be configured in different lengths and winding options to produce the needed motor torque and speed output. While the enhanced series offers 50 percent more output force than similar sized offerings, they also realise similar benefits in total life of product and ultra long-term reliability.

ElectroCraft Releases NEMA23 Frame Size

Hypertherm Release Of Production Manager

The release of Production Manager is an optional module for its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software. This web-based module is designed to improve productivity, maximize machine up-time, boost on-time delivery, and increase material utilisation. Production Manager seamlessly integrates with Hypertherm’s EDGE Connect® CNC, to automatically capture machine data without the need for operator intervention. In addition, it displays real-time production data so team members across an organisation can track the status of job orders, the production schedule, and pending inventory requirements. 

Additional features include dashboard view, real-time information, flexible intervention and remote access. 

igus Presents The World’s Lightest Cobot

New ReBeL with fully integrated polymer strain wave gear lowers entry barriers in service robotics. With the new ReBeL, igus now presents a plastic cobot that weighs only ten kilograms. Together with low costs, low maintenance and simple operation, the ReBeL makes new innovative ideas in service robotics feasible for smaller companies and start-ups – from installed use on agricultural drones up to mobile support as household help. Many new innovative ideas are now becoming feasible: from use in an automated guided vehicle system to use as a bartender. 

Kennametal Introduces FIX8™ For Heavy-Duty Turning

Kennametal has released the FIX8™ heavy-duty turning system, delivering maximum metal removal rates in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. With eight cutting edges per insert, the FIX8 turning system increases productivity of any heavy-duty turning operation, providing the lowest cost per edge while reducing cutting forces up to 15 percent.

The tangential design of the FIX8 insert features a rigid clamping system that pulls the insert securely into the pocket seat, offering superior stability that enables the insert to withstand large cutting forces and vibrations for optimal performance. The insert is also supported by a replaceable carbide shim, protecting the pocket against deformation and damage.

Latest Version Of Evatronix SA, eviXscan 3D Software

The eviXscan 3D software update version 2.8 introduced an improvement of scanning parameters, which is noticeable especially to the older generation of eviXscan 3D scanners, such as measuring devices from Heavy Duty line (Quadro, Optima or Basic). This improvement allows for significantly better scanning results, so there is no need to replace the device with a newer model. Compared to previous versions of eviXscan 3D, the point cloud generation time has been significantly reduced in Suite 2.8.

The latest version of the software allows eviXscan 3D scanners to be integrated with Universal Robots and HAN*S robots without external plug-ins. 

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software

Available now, an enhanced RTCP (Rotation Tool Centre Point) function with tool vector programming that significantly simplifies the usage of five-axis machine tools.

NUM’s Flexium software, version or higher, now features a special HMI (Human-Machine Interface) to allow the corresponding correction values to be entered. The coordinate system resulting from the shifts and rotations is called a ‘Balanced Coordinate System’ (or BCS) and the compensation function is known as 3DWPC (3D workpiece compensation). Additionally, the software now includes a function to help machine users accelerate the roughing operation’s tunings and then achieve optimal surface finishes.

Latest Version Of NUM Flexium Software


Mencom’s New MIXO Modular Pneumatic Connections

Mencom announces an improved version of the MIXO modular pneumatic connection system that uses a new self-extinguishing thermoplastic insert and metal contacts. The new MIXO system not only allows more frequent mating cycles for compressed air distribution systems but also guarantees better mechanical resistance, increased airflow for transmitting dry and compressed air in pneumatic systems.

These metal pneumatic contacts can permanently withstand the constant pressure of 10 bar. The contacts can be mated up to 10,000 cycles when installed with HNM (High Number of Matings) series enclosures and frames for modular units, and up to 500 cycles when installed with MIXO frames and standard enclosures. In a single MIXO module, two different pneumatic fitting methods can be installed.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

Industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism* cuts maintenance costs and energy consumption. A new high-power electromagnet uses both tapered and magnetic latch structures in its movable iron core, realising the industry’s first electromagnetic operating mechanism, which requires only the same amount of power as a motorised control. 

Using electromagnetism instead of a spring for the operating mechanism reduces the number of components by 46% and maintenance requirements by 30% compared to conventional operating mechanisms that use a motor and spring, thereby improving maintainability. Not having to charge a spring conserves energy by reducing the use of electric power to open/close the circuit breaker by 88%.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Low-voltage Air Circuit Breaker

*(Among low-voltage air circuit breakers (as of December 2, 2021, according to internal research)




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Latest Product Launches From ABB To Keysight Technologies

Latest Product Launches From ABB To Keysight Technologies

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

ABB’s Datalyzer is designed to help customers respond to this challenge. The comprehensive, cloud-based modular application provides real-time status across a fleet of analyzers and plants. In doing so, it lowers ownership costs and reduces capital expenditure. 

Datalyzer collects data from emissions monitoring analyzers which is then routed to an on-site Edge device (Micro PC). The Edge device sends the relevant information up to Datalyzer which sits in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application analyses the data received transforming it into concrete information for decision-making.  

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

ABB Ability™ Genix Datalyzer

FusionSolar All-scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution

At Intersolar 2021 Europe, Huawei presents the new-generation FusionSolar All-scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution, It covers “4+1” scenarios: Large-scale Utility Scenario, Green Residential Power 2.0, Green C&I Power 1.0, and Off-grid (fuel removal) Power Supply Solutions and Energy Cloud, aiming to accelerate the shift to low-carbon generation and bridge the energy divide.

The new power system which supported by renewables continues to drive global energy transformation, and the commitment to carbon neutrality accelerates extensive and profound social and economic changes for sustainable development.

Huawei Presents FusionSolar All-Scenario Smart PV & Storage Solution at Intersolar 2021

Hypertherm’s New Powermax SYNC™ Air Plasma Systems

Featuring built-in intelligence and revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumables, Powermax SYNC simplifies system operation, streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximises performance for customers in the shipbuilding, construction & machinery, structural steel, or transportation industries.

Powermax SYNC and its SmartSYNC™ torch replaces the traditional five-piece consumable stack-up with an easy-to-identify single-piece cartridge consumable that is colour-coded by process to eliminate confusion and simplify consumable inventory management. Technology embedded in each cartridge automatically sets the correct amperage, air pressure, and operating mode and displays a prompt when a new cartridge is needed.

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

Durable, lightweight and low-cost: the new drylin W linear bearing from igus. It is made entirely of iglidur polymer, so it can be manufactured quickly, simply and cost-effectively with injection moulding. The liner and linear housing are combined in a single component that simplifies handling, from storage to installation. The iglidur polymer bearing weighs up to eighty-four percent less than classic linear bearings with their metallic housings.The new bearing can be installed very easily on any drylin W single rails or double rails.

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

igus Lightweight iglidur Polymer Linear Bearings

igus Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads 

In most applications, customers rely on the strong E4.1 universal energy chain modular system. igus has now expanded the successful system with glide pads and roller chain links for quick retrofitting. This allows users in abrasive environments as well as in applications with very high speeds or extreme travel lengths to increase the service life of their systems quickly and cost-effectively. In future, users will also be able to obtain a proposal for their optimum energy chain solution for long travels online.

igus _Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads

igus _Optmised Roller Chain Links And Glider Pads

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

API introduces the next generation of iScan3DTM Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud generation.

iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner. It is designed for portable shop-floor dimensional inspection and scanning markets to provide both accurate measurements and point-cloud generation from a single-handed ergonomic sensor.

iScan3D combines tactile and scanning measurements, giving users the freedom to measure wherever and whenever, regardless of part size and feature locations, in a single setup.

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

iScan3D Hand-Held Metrology Grade 3D Scanner

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software 

Keysight’s IoT Security Assessment software leverages more than twenty years of experience in network security testing to reveal security vulnerabilities across any network technology. The software offers comprehensive, automated testing to rapidly cover a large matrix of known and unknown vulnerabilities. IoT security assessments include novel cybersecurity attack tools and techniques for wireless interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to test known vulnerabilities, as well as to discover new vulnerabilities.

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software

Keysight Delivers New IoT Security Assessment Test Software

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The Power Of Igus’ Hybrid Bearings

The Power Of igus’ Hybrid Bearings

Spherical balls made of high-performance polymer are 80 percent lighter than their metal counterparts – a reduction of mass that lowers the drive power of machines and also saves costs.

Many plant operators shy away from switching from classic metal bearings to polymer plain bearings despite the obvious advantages. The conversion appears to be too cumbersome. Cologne-based motion plastics specialist igus responds with low-cost spherical balls made of high-performance polymer that can be inserted into metallic pillow blocks in seconds to create a cost-effective and high-performance hybrid.

igus As The Ultimate Solution>>

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Joining Forces For Continuous Operation

Joining Forces For Continuous Operation

How polymer knife-edge rollers are making maintenance-free conveyor belts and packaging systems possible, enhancing performance.

Article by igus.

Krones AG produces systems and machines for making, filling, and packaging beverages and liquid food. The industry never sleeps. So it is hardly surprising that Krones systems have to break their own speed records again and again. This becomes a problem when a part cannot withstand the pressure and there is no alternative that can perform better. That is why igus GmbH developed knife-edge rollers made of tribo-polymers for Krones, helping them achieve new records. In 2005, Krones faced a challenge with the Variopac Pro, a fully automatic all-round packaging system: the system’s performance had to be increased by 20 packs per minute. There was therefore an urgent need to change the conveyor belt deflection. Originally, metal rollers with needle roller bearings were used here, but they couldn’t meet the higher performance requirements and were cost-intensive. Looking for an alternative, Krones Design Engineer Jürgen Werner came upon igus GmbH products.

Full Article Available >>

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Igus GmbH Launches An Online Tool With Drive Technology Configuration.

Igus GmbH launches an online tool with drive technology configuration.

Finding a compatible linear module for your application is certainly a difficult task. Lead screw, gear rack or toothed belt drive? Miniature or heavy-load axle? Motor or hand wheel? There are multiple configurations that one needs to consider before ordering and it is time-consuming.

Igus Gmbh’s latest creation, the drylin drive technology configurator offers the solution to your problem. Igus GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings. Igus conducts the industry’s largest test laboratories yielding innovations and solutions tailored to their clients’ needs.

This newly available online tool uses application data such as installation position, load, stroke length, etc to customise the product accordingly to the client’s requirements providing as well, its service life. There is also the option to further equip the module as preferred by the client with accessories such as the motor and control system. Hence, this drive technology offers a comprehensive choice at your fingertips. “By displaying and selecting only compatible products, we give the user confidence that they will get a linear module that be connected right away”, says Michael Hornung, igus GmbH’s International Product Manager for drylin.

Furthermore, there is price included in the filtering process which allows users to immediately consider the options that fit their budget. On the final page, the configuration input into the system can be stored or forwarded, parts list and technical information downloadable, and linear modules ordered with a mouse click.

Most importantly, the online tool is available without any cost to the users.” With the help of our test data from our in-house laboratory, we can make a lifetime statement for each linear module as well as the motor load in the individual application and display them online. The customer can be sure that the module will work reliably and maintenance-free in the machine and system”, says Hornung.

Try the new drive technology configurator yourself:


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For Highest Precision And Rigidity: New Drylin Linear Bearings For Shafts

For highest precision and rigidity: new drylin linear bearings for shafts

In order to be able to move linear bearings on shafts with high precision, igus has now developed the W360CM series. The new polymer linear bearings consist of an aluminium housing and a thin liner, which ensure smooth and quiet operation combined with high rigidity. The bearings have hardly any clearance and allow precise movements. Thanks to the use of iglidur W360 high-performance polymers, the user does not need external lubrication. The dimensions of the new series match metallic ball bushings, so that they can be easily converted 1:1.

Linear guides are used wherever goods or objects need to be moved from A to B, or equipment or machines need to be adjusted. Precision often plays a major role for users, for example in microscope tables or in X-ray equipment. Therefore, the motion plastics specialist igus has now developed the linear plain bearing series W360CM. It ensures the highest precision and rigidity in drylin R shaft guides. The long-lasting sliding elements of the bearings are characterised by a thin wall thickness and high strength. They are produced cost-effectively in injection moulding from the high-performance polymer iglidur W360. The material enables very quiet and smooth operation. The operating temperature range is between 0-50 degrees Celsius. Due to the thin wall thickness and the higher material strength, the linear bearings ensure a low bearing clearance at the operating point due to reduced elasticity. The new bearings – like all plain and linear bearings from igus – are free of lubrication and therefore free of contamination and maintenance.

New polymer bearings convince in the test

The W360CM linear bearings can be easily mounted in all drylin housings as well as in all standard receptacles for linear ball bushings. This means that ball-based solutions can be converted 1:1 without a construction wall using the maintenance-free solution. The design of the new linear bearings is simple: the liners are pressed into the housing until a pre-loaded snap hook is inserted into a groove. Thus, the films are secured against displacement even under high loads and temperatures. The new drylin R series was also able to convince in tests in the in-house 3,800 square metre laboratory at igus in Cologne. Gauge measurements to check bearing clearance and precision showed that the W360CM series bearings performed far better than coated linear bearings.



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