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Heimatec’s U-TEC Changing System Shortens Operation Cycle Time

Heimatec’s U-TEC Changing System Shortens Operation Cycle Time

Efficient manufacture is made significantly easier in two ways. If machine downtimes can be reduced, the productive time thereby increases automatically. By using flexible universal tools, the tool inventory can also be reduced, and costs saved as a result.

The precision tool manufacturer Heimatec (Germany) developed the flexible heimatec.u-tec® tool change system for this purpose, which is established in the market for many years, and allows machining companies to utilise different adapters for a wide variety of machining tasks. In particular, Heimatec’s live tool holders are doing remarkable a job in the Indian market. One of their major corporate customers and success story in India is Ultra Corpotech Private Limited who shared with us, on how they benefitted from the U-Tec flexible changing system.

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