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LP-XQ Control By EWM: User-Friendly And Convenient

LP-XQ Control By EWM: User-Friendly And Convenient

EWM has expanded the LP-XQ control for the Titan XQ puls MIG/MAG multi-process welding machine with additional features, making the welder’s job much easier. The new control makes switching between EWM welding processes quick and easy. The five favourite buttons are a particular plus. These allow the welder and welding coordination personnel to save the individual settings for various recurring welding tasks and quickly load them up later with the press of a button, making the machine easier to use, saving time and increasing process efficiency.

The LP-XQ control comes with a new quick selection feature to make set-up and work a breeze: switching between the MIG/MAG processes MIG/MAG Standard, forceArc, wiredArc, rootArc and coldArc is now easier than ever with the process switch button. You can also quickly switch between standard JOBs, pulse and Positionweld. The optimum characteristics are always adapted automatically to the specified basic settings such as welding consumable material and its diameter, or the gas used.

Process optimisation with favourite lists

Recurring settings can be saved with the LP-XQ control. If the welder has found the optimum parameters for his/her welding task, he/she can save these individual settings using a total of five favourite buttons. This allows the welder to quickly load up these settings again for recurring welding jobs.

Secure qualified welding processes

In addition, favourite lists can help to secure qualified welding processes. Welding coordination personnel can define the parameters for a qualified welding process on one of the favourite buttons. When locked, the welder can only load the preset welding parameters, preventing any deviation. Activating correction mode allows the welder to adjust the parameters of the preset favourites in the set tolerance range. Another great feature of the new LP-XQ control is the visual display of arc dynamics. This uses signal lights to clearly display whether the operator has made a correction to the arc hardness.

Another building block for future welding tasks

EWM completes its Welding 4.0 product portfolio with the new control. All innovative EWM welding processes are included in the Titan XQ puls MIG/MAG multi-process welding machine as standard and can be selected using the control. With the Welding 4.0 welding management system, ewm Xnet 2.0, EWM delivers an optimised work environment to enable welders to perfectly carry out various welding tasks – whether for thin or thick plate applications, filler, final or root passes, or in positional welding.


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