International Data Corporation (IDC) has published an IDC Innovators report profiling five companies that offer compelling and differentiated general purpose AI software platforms. The five companies named IDC Innovators are Arago, Ayasdi, CognitiveScale, Kyndi and Primer.

AI software platforms facilitate the development of intelligent, advisory, process automation and AI-centric applications. The technology components of AI software platforms include text analytics, rich media (such as audio, video, and image) analytics, tagging, searching, machine learning, deep learning, categorisation, clustering, hypothesis generation, question answering, visualisation, filtering, alerting and navigation. These platforms typically include knowledge representation tools, such as knowledge graphs, triple stores, or other types of NoSQL data stores, as well as machine learning tools to provide some level of recommendation, prediction or automation. The platforms also allow for knowledge curation and continuous automatic learning based on past experiences.

“AI-enabled applications are being increasingly used by many types of organisations to provide advice, recommendations, predictions, and business process automation,” said David S C Hubmehl, Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems at IDC. “Many of these organisations are undertaking projects developing these AI-enabled applications based on the use of commercially available AI software platforms that contain the technologies need to quickly create, develop, implement, and test these new types of applications.”

For more information on this article, refer to the IDC Innovators: AI Software Platforms, 2018 report.


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