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No Shortcuts With HAIMER’S Tooling Technology, Only Process-Reliable Machining

No Shortcuts With HAIMER’S Tooling Technology, Only Process-Reliable Machining

Schweiger GmbH & Co. KG from Uffing at Staffelsee in Bavaria specialises in one of the most demanding industries, the automotive industry. For Managing Director Anton Schweiger and his approximately 75 employees, this means having to meet the highest standards of precision and quality with every injection mould produced.

Additionally, they are competing in a global market, which, among other things, is subject to enormous cost pressure. However, facing the strain of global competition, the qualified toolmaker and his team have adjusted and positioned themselves accordingly. They rely on an automated process chain that ensures absolute security and ends with injection moulds that meet all requirements.

In 2016, for example, the company built a new production hall and invested in two DMC 210U and 270U 5-axis DMG Mori machining centres, which are capable of processing even XXL components in one clamping operation. Equipped with an appropriate pallet automation, the machines run around the clock seven days a week, and all with just one-person shifts. On the weekends they run completely unmanned. This requires highest process reliability across all relevant components and functions.

In this respect, Anton Schweiger focuses on tool clamping technology, the often overlooked interface between spindle and tool. It bears great responsibility for the quality of the machining, the service life of the spindle and the tool life. The milling specialists at Schweiger swear by the support and counsel of HAIMER GmbH, Igenhausen. Haimer GmbH, in 40 years, has become the market leader for tool clamping technology in Europe and is considered to be the world leader in tool shrinking and balancing technology.


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