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Stability Across A Broad Spectrum

Stability Across A Broad Spectrum

Producing threads in hardened steel is costly. This applies to blind hole machining in particular because reversing the tap during this process can cause torque peaks when the root of the chip is sheared off, resulting in fractures.

Walter is solving this problem with two new taps – offering its customers a full product range for producing threads in hardened steels with an additional thread milling cutter: The TC388 Supreme (50–58 HRC) or TC389 Supreme (55–65 HRC) and the TC685 Supreme (> 44 HRC). The TC388 and TC389 Supreme solid carbide taps boast special cutting geometries. These fully shear off the root of the chip when reversing; torque peaks are minimised. This prevents fractures, prolongs the tool life and increases process reliability. Lubrication with oil, which was often necessary until now, is no longer required. Instead, emulsion can be used, which optimises handling and saves additional machining time. Both taps are characterised by a short machining time.

The TC685 Supreme orbital drill thread milling cutter enables maximum process reliability and the highest possible tool life quantity. The core hole and thread (chamfer if required) are produced in a single operation, thereby saving tool spaces. The milling geometry on the face produces stabilising forces in the axial direction. This improves the stability when milling and reduces the deflection. Advantages for the user: Fewer radius corrections and reduced wear, with a high tool life quantity and minimal costs per thread. The 15° helix angle and internal coolant from M6 guarantee reliable chip evacuation. This allows even tougher steels and deep threads to be machined reliably. Common applications for all the tools mentioned include mould and die making, for example.


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Sodick: UH Series CNC High Speed VMC

Sodick: UH Series CNC High Speed VMC

Sodick’s CNC High Speed Vertical Machining Centres (VMCs) feature linear motor drives on the X, Y and Z axes. They’re designed and engineered for prime speed exactitude edge and have unmatched accuracy.

The advantage of high-speed edge machining is that the top quality machining of sophisticated minute and little shapes. This machining method is wide used for low professional lupus multi-core connectors that are engineered into communication devices with slim pitches for compact transportable phones together with sensible phones, and mold elements for moulding little optical components that need high accuracy and top quality surface finishes wherever it’s troublesome to use polish machining.

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