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Morf3D Announces New State-of-the-Art Headquarters With SLM Solutions’ Machines.

Morf3D Announces New State-of-the-Art Headquarters with SLM Solutions’ Machines.

SLM Solutions’ Outfits Morf3D’s 9000 square-foot Applied Digital Manufacturing Centre (ADMC) with Two SLM® 500s and the NXG XII 600.

By Ashwini Balan, Eastern Trade Media

Morf3D, a subsidiary of Nikon Corporation, helps clients realize the potential of additive manufacturing in a new age of aerospace innovation. SLM Solutions is an integrated solutions provider and metal additive manufacturing partner. The cooperation underscores both SLM Solution’s and Morf3D’s commitment to further advance the industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing(AM) technology as well as to streamline and accelerate serial production lines across the globe. Such industry partnerships aim to significantly scale AM production repeatability and quality to new heights.

The mission of Morf3D’s new headquarters is to leverage partner networks that will transform supply chain norms and develop the industry’s first certified production system to accelerate the industrialisation of Digital Manufacturing. The addition of the 2 SLM®500s and the NXG XII 600 will support Morf3D’s goal of ramping up a global production setup while improving production lead time, order flexibility, cost efficiency, and quality.

SLM®500 is the best performing, most efficient system in its class, and it is designed to ensure operator safety and lower overall operational costs. The first quad-laser metal system on the market, SLM®500 can integrate lasers independently or in parallel to increase build rates by 90% over twin laser configuration. NXG XII 600 on the other hand, is an industry gamechanger equipped with 12 1KW lasers, making it the fastest commercial machine on the market. It’s designed to be used in serial production for high-volume applications as well as for printing large parts. It’s capable of printing at speeds 20x faster than that of a single laser system and 5x faster than a 4-laser machine. Enabling acceleration in AM at every angle, the NXG XII 600 is the modern day “da vinci”, crafting masterpieces at serial production scale.

“Our partnership with SLM Solutions dramatically shifts the landscape of serial production enabling our customers to achieve unmatched levels of quality and performance,” comments Ivan Madera, CEO of Morf3D. “The NXG XII 600 platform is an engineering marvel that addresses many aspects of a production-ready system. Our goal is to accelerate the qualification process by collaborating on new application development and part certification within the aerospace, space, and defense market.”  

Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions, is enthusiastic about the partnership, citing the increase in efficiency and productivity as the key benefits for all partners. “Adding the NXG Xll 600 to Morf3D’s SLM Solutions’ machines to the ADMC bolsters the collective digital manufacturing ecosystem, helping to improve production speed, quality, and automation.”

Next to the supply of machines, SLM Solutions will also offer on-site support in the form of education, training, and consulting.  All of ADMC’s research and development partners will also have access to collective training, meeting, and gathering spaces for customer events and business development efforts. Sam O’Leary, adds: “We are united in our customer-first approach, which reflects the training and education we provide to all of our partners.”

The machines will be delivered to Morf3D’s new state-of-the-art headquarters, in Long Beach, California, in 2022. This partnership strengthens the international impact of Additive Manufacturing solutions.

Find out more about their innovations and digital solutions: Morf3D, SLM Solutions.

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Siemens Collaborates With Morf3D To Accelerate Adoption Of Metal AM

Siemens Collaborates With Morf3D To Accelerate Adoption Of Metal AM

Morf3D is collaborating with Siemens Digital Industries Software to promote the use of additive manufacturing (AM) in advanced design, engineering, and production qualification of metal-based product innovations across a variety of industries. This collaboration equips Morf3D with Siemens’ end-to-end AM software solution from the Xcelerator portfolio and makes Morf3D a preferred Siemens AM partner with access to software in advance of the market. In exchange, Morf3D will provide technical feedback to enhance Siemens’ product development.

“The goal of this agreement is to facilitate the advancement of an end-to-end digital solution and develop new strategies for advanced engineering and design,” said Morf3D CEO Ivan Madera.

“By partnering we can leverage our unique integrated system of work to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing for development and production of new applications in a variety of industries. Siemens and Morf3D make a good team to accomplish this goal. Siemens has the end-to-end software to drive applications from design through 3D printing, and Morf3D has the expertise in AM operations to leverage that software so we can qualify and deliver those applications with optimal efficiency.”

“Additive manufacturing is a viable technology for innovation in all industries. But, to achieve truly industrialised AM production takes more than technical capability. The industry needs partnerships like our collaboration with Morf3D, where ideas, know-how, AM technology, software and most importantly, people, come together to advance the art of the possible by rolling up their sleeves and fully delivering on new and inspiring applications,” said Aaron Frankel, Vice President of the AM Program for Siemens Digital Industries Software.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of additive manufacturing as a technology for rapid-response innovation. However, the financial uncertainties brought on by the pandemic have made it more difficult for companies to invest in AM operations and application development. We want to help those companies by giving them the resources and know-how they need to realise their dreams for additive manufacturing,” said Madera.

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