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SCHUNK Launches VERO-S NSP 140

SCHUNK Launches VERO-S NSP 140

Powerful pallet change module with comprehensive monitoring options

Following the successes of its high-performance pneumatic SCHUNK VERO-S series quick-change pallet systems, SCHUNK has launched a hydraulic clamping module for machines with pallet changer that combines compact dimensions, high pull-down forces, an integrated lifting function, and a complete monitoring function.

With a diameter of 138 mm and a height of just 37 mm in the change pallet, the fully sealed SCHUNK VERO-S NSP  140 has an extremely compact, so that it can be also used for thin change pallets. It has a huge pull-down force of 45,000 N. Together with its solid screw connections (8 x M12), it offers ample potential for demanding machining operations.

In order to ensure maximum process reliability during the automated pallet change, the module comes standard equipped with a pallet system control, clamping slide monitoring for querying the clamping state, as well as a cleaning function for the contact surfaces.

High lifting forces due to hydraulics

In the NSP-S 140 version, the piston stroke is additionally monitored via sensors. 5.5 mm high lifting of the pallet and optional precentering also ensure process-reliable pallet changes in combination with media transfers. The lifting force is 15,000 N per module, the repeat accuracy is less than 0.005 mm.

Clamping rings in flange design (Ø 148 mm, installation depth 23 mm, height as of pallet 14 mm) shorten the alignment process for the pallets, and reduce pallets costs. The module is actuated at a hydraulic pressure of 25 bar.

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