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Delta To Implement CODESYS System Globally Through New Industry Partnership

Delta To Implement CODESYS System Globally Through New Industry Partnership

Taiwanese manufacturer, Delta, has begun a new partnership with 3S-Smart Software Solution GmbH, which is a member of the CODESYS Group. The aforementioned partnership, in which Delta plans to make its future motion control devices programmable with CODESYS, will offer customers across EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Asia the opportunity to simplify the implementation of Delta’s industrial automation hardware in their operations.

Andy Liu, General Manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG), said, “Our customers asked for CODESYS, and we’re delighted to give it to them. In Europe, many of the top automation players use this software platform because it is outstanding technology. Now, customers across EMEA can have CODESYS in all new Delta motion systems. In addition, we can now also make CODESYS available to the large Delta customer base in Asia. We also hope this partnership will ultimately open new doors to the Asian market for European industrial equipment makers.”

With 69 R&D facilities around the world and dedicated industrial automation R&D facilities in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and China, Delta operates in close proximity to its European manufacturing customers. The company also has a comprehensive and global support network for its industrial automation hardware platforms and a network that extends throughout Asia, where many of the world’s factories are located.

Dieter Hess, CEO of the CODESYS Group , has said, “We’re very excited to welcome Delta to the CODESYS community, which now includes some 400 hardware manufacturers and over 10,000 developers. Delta is an established name in the world of industrial automation, so this is a significant partnership for both sides. We look forward to working with Delta to help them serve their customers and make the most out of their hardware portfolio.”

Greater Efficiency Through Standardisation

Additional costs are generated when a manufacturer adds a new automation platform. By integrating CODESYS, Delta aims to reduce the amount of engineering costs that this requires. Patrik Hug, Head Of Business Development & Product Management, EMEA at Delta’s IABG, said: “Switching to a different motion platforms or adding a new one means you have to write new code. The goal is to reduce the initial switching time when adding a new platform. By standardizing on CODESYS, we are making it much easier for customers to use Delta automation products. Instead of having different software to program each of their platforms, they will be able to write code on the same platform for all of their Delta products. And the great thing about CODESYS is that you have an entire community of application developers. There is a lot of expertise out there to draw from.”

Delta launched its new CODESYS-enabled scalable IPC, the MH2 Series at SPS IPC Drives 2018. The CODESYS platform integrates the control functions of three major industrial controllers: programmable logic controllers (PLC), human machine interfaces (HMI), and motion control, enhancing the motion control capabilities of the MH2 Series and constructing a high speed, high precision EtherCAT motion control solution with peripheral products. With CODESYS, the MH2 Series provides a user-friendly motion control interface and features strong motion control functions that allow up to 64 axes synchronous control of AC Servo Drives ASDA-A2-E Series, Standard Compact Drives MS300 Series, and Remote I/O Modules R1-EC via EtherCAT.

Delta plans to keep rolling out CODESYS-enabled products in the future and will continue to support its existing motion and automation platforms as well.


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