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Cloud And Security To Drive DX And Innovation Trends In Indonesia For Next Five Years

Cloud And Security To Drive DX And Innovation Trends In Indonesia For Next Five Years

JAKARTA, INDONESIA: Based on findings from IDC’s inaugural Business Innovation Forum at the Raffles Hotel Jakarta, the company believes that the next five years will be the year of autonomy for Indonesia, where cloud and security will be the key technologies to drive digital transformation and innovation for local enterprises to become digitally determined. Additionally, the company has also observed that the digital ecosystem in Indonesia is on the way to becoming more cloud-enabled, data-driven as well as secure in mobile and other digital environments.

The IDC Asia/Pacific DX Sentiments Survey 2018 has also revealed that cloud, security, big data analytics and IoT are the top priority technologies for enterprises in Indonesia. These technologies are determined as part of the digital ecosystem of enterprises. Meanwhile, artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain are the two emerging technologies that are still at the exploration stage for local enterprises. With the constant change in customer behaviour and cost optimisation, IDC urges enterprises to transform their business and operating models by implementing the right technologies to increasing customer and operational experience in the organisation.

According to IDC Indonesia End-User Survey 2018, more than 50 percent of Indonesian enterprises are focusing on transforming their operating model, especially the business process, while omni-channel and information transformation are determined as next capabilities to build. The ICT Spending of Indonesia is projected to hit IDR 445 Trillion in 2018 with CAGR 4.5 percent (2016-2021), driven by the spending of enterprises businesses.

“Enterprises in Indonesia are becoming aware of the benefits of using digital technologies and developing digital capabilities to fast track business growth and it is exciting to see how innovation kicks in for more mature enterprises – or digitally determined enterprises. The 3rd platform technologies such as Cloud has become a core technology for most enterprise to develop and master its capabilities. Cloud is no longer a choice but a critical foundation for present and future technology innovation,” said Mevira Munindra, Head of Operations, IDC Indonesia.

Mevira added, “In the past years, security has always been the “2nd tier” investment for organisations. However, with growing sense of DX and adoption of 3rd platform and emerging technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, the digital threats or adversities are also evolving along its way. This creates an urgency for enterprises to enable security to strike the right balance between innovation and risk management.”

IDC believes that local enterprises must keep innovating, be agile to changes and be customer-driven to stay determined and compete in the market. The IDC Business Innovation Forum 2018 brought together regional industry leaders and experts across Indonesia. And the insights offered at this event will help business leaders to understand technologies’ trends that enable digital transformation in the organisation such as cloud and AI, as well as blockchain and security. These technologies are considered as both core (cloud and security) and emerging/innovative (AI and Blockchain) capabilities that will accelerate organisations’ DX journey.



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