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SHINING 3D And TechMed 3D Offer All-In-One Solution For Human Body 3D Scanning

SHINING 3D And TechMed 3D Offer All-In-One Solution For Human Body 3D Scanning

SHINING 3D, a leading global provider of technologies for 3D digitisation and TechMed3D, a leading provider of software measuring solutions for the human body, has announced the collaboration on a powerful duo: The EinScan H by SHINING 3D and MSoft by TechMed 3D.

“We are excited that, together with TechMed, we are now able to offer an all-in-one body scanning solution for medical applications. For us, working with proven software partners not only is enriching the potential of our 3D scanners, but far more helping our customers to continually progress in their 3D digitising endeavours,” said Rebecca Khoo, Product Manager EinScan , SHINING 3D.

“At Techmed 3D, we are impressed to see the evolution of the products that Shining 3D can bring to market. The Einscan H, by its ease of use and its speed, allows us to expand our digitisation offer and access to other growth markets,” said Michel Babin, Founder and CEO, TechMed 3D.

The EinScan H is a handheld 3D scanner that human body 3D acquisition can be performed efficiently and safely. This scanner in combination with TechMed 3D’s MSoft solution unlocks the potential for clinicians to get access to clean scans within minutes. The scanner has been integrated with white light technology, which makes 3D acquisition secure and eye-safe. The scanner has a Body Scan Mode ideal for orthotics and prosthetics applications. This mode offers high movement tolerance and its alignment algorithm is set to process non-rigid objects. That being said, clinicians can 3D scan all body parts including the head with the EinScan H. This versatile and portable scanner weighing only 703 g and is easy to operate for clinicians at any level of 3D scanning expertise, including first-time scanner users.

In combination with TechMed 3D´s MSoft software, EinScan H is able to deliver powerful results. MSoft is specially designed for 3D scanning of the human body. With this solution, clinicians can easily and quickly obtain ready-to-use files to modify, carve, 3D print, design and fit. Using the software with the EinScan H allows clinicians to see what they are scanning in real-time directly in MSoft due to the built-in camera on the scanner.



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