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Latest Product Launches From Mitsubishi To Widia

Latest Product Launches From Mitsubishi To Widia

Mencom Connectivity Solutions for Hazardous Locations 

These connectors are available for most Mencom circular connectors series such as MIN & PMIN Series, MIL-SPEC series, M23, M12, NAN M8, and Networks. They are rated IP65 (minimum) to IP67 (IP69), providing complete protection against ingress of dust, water jet, and steam. Their rugged structure with quick connect and disconnect design greatly increases installation speed without the use of special tools while providing more secure connections than hardwiring alternatives against machine vibration.

Mencom also offers a locking mechanism for the MIN Size I (7/8”) and PMIN (1 3/8”) series to protect the connection that prevents unexpected interruptions between two straight plugs or between a straight plug and a mating receptacle.

Mitsubishi: Half-Bridge Driver High-Voltage (600V) IC With BSD Function

Mitsubishi is launching a half-bridge driver high-voltage (600V) integrated circuit (HVIC) equipped with a built-in bootstrap diode (BSD) function that can help reduce the number of parts required in inverter systems. The new HVIC, which is designed for circuits that drive power semiconductors in low-capacity inverter systems, will also help to lower the power consumption of white goods, electric bikes, and other electrical products.

Sales will begin on 1 April 2022. HVICs that drive power semiconductors in inverter systems are in increasing demand for use in motor-control systems that help to save energy and improve the performance of consumer products and industrial equipment.

New Analog Safety I/O Modules from Rockwell Automation

The analogue safety I/O modules from Rockwell Automation offer integrated safety with systematic capability up to SC 3. The modules are TÜV certified up to SIL 3, PLe, Cat. 4. They also can be mounted in the same I/O bank with standard FLEX 5000 I/O modules to reduce system costs and complexity.

The FLEX 5000 analogue safety I/O modules are ideal for process applications where speed or frequency measurement, temperature, pressure, or flow sensor monitoring are required for functional safety protection. Potential applications include emergency shutdown, burner management, turbine control, compressor control, oil and gas auxiliary boilers, high-pressure protection, lighting, and ventilation management.

OMAX Unveils OptiMAX, Its Most Advanced Waterjet Ever

New and improved features include:

  • IntelliMAX premium software, designed for incredible ease of use and operation quickly following installation. Incorporating decades of proprietary waterjet cutting models, no other system can consistently produce parts as rapidly or capably. 
  • IntelliVISOR console with key metrics to optimise operations and complete system monitoring to avoid unplanned downtime.
  • EnduroMAX pump that automatically sets the correct pressure and minimises fluctuations to improve component life, while offering the most efficient waterjet pump technology in the market.
  • IntelliTRAX drive system with advanced motion control for further increased system robustness and reliability. Requires virtually no maintenance compared to more conventional ball screw and rack and pinon drive systems. 
  • New garnet delivery system to further minimise downtime.

Seco Machine Monitoring Maximises Manufacturing Efficiency

Seco Machine Monitoring Maximises Manufacturing Efficiency

With a low entry cost, Seco Machine Monitoring provides enhanced communication from the shop floor to upper management based on data-driven smart Manufacturing. Colour-coded metrics on real-time dashboards give manufacturers the insights they need to improve efficiency.

Employees are also able to easily add their insights and observations, categorise machine downtime and help contextualise problems. These best-in-class service solutions come courtesy of partnerships with an exclusive network of state-of-the-art software providers and technology partners like Machine Metrics.

SLM Solutions: Assembrix VMS Software Integrates With SLM Solutions Machines Worldwide

The Assembrix VMS platform enables remote printing on SLM machines while maintaining the highest security standards so that OEMs can work remotely and still have complete ownership of the fully automated printing process. A real-time data feed keeps customers updated on the printing status, while advanced encryption technology ensures IP protection

This new partnership meets the growing demand by OEMs for secure distributed additive manufacturing and enables the creation of a reliable, international AM ecosystem with new opportunities across the entire value chain.

Teledyne FLIR Introduces Neutrino SX12 ISR1200 MWIR Camera 

Based on Teledyne FLIR focal plane array (FPA) technology, near diffraction-limited optics, and a long-life linear Stirling cooler with 25,000-hour MTTF, the Neutrino SX12 ISR1200 offers 1280×1024 resolution with 12µm pixel size.

It also features dual-parallel outputs using a 60Hz Camera Link base with 1080P30 HD-SDI or 720P60 HD-SDI, ideal for tracking, turbulence mitigation, and artificial intelligence. The SX12 ISR1200 is a turnkey system that is ideal for integration with ground-based, long-range ISR, perimeter surveillance, border surveillance, and counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS).

Widia Introduces The Next Generation In Versatile End Milling

Widia Introduces The Next Generation In Versatile End Milling

The initial release of the WCE platform features WCE4, a four-flute geometry which combines advanced, high-performance features with a brand new, versatile grade offered at a highly competitive price. 

Two key features of the tool are its asymmetrical index and variable helix. The combination of the two reduce vibrations and enable heavy cuts, while the new grade, WU20PE, enables versatility on steel, stainless steel and cast-iron applications. These design features, coupled with the four-flute geometry, deliver an end mill with reliable performance and application versatility – even in demanding operations such as full slots and heavy cuts.

The WCE5 five-flute geometry will be released later in 2022. Orders for the WCE4 end mill, as well as other WIDIA metal cutting tooling, can be placed through WIDIA authorised distribution partners.

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