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WALTER: HELITRONIC RAPTOR For The Production And Regrinding Of Tools

WALTER: HELITRONIC RAPTOR For The Production And Regrinding Of Tools

For some time the market has been demanding that machine tools must be “more flexible”, “universal” and “automated”. The equally important requirements of “more specialised” and “more cost-effective” often cannot be reconciled with these demands. However, this is exactly what WALTER has achieved with the latest extension of their grinding machine portfolio, the HELITRONIC RAPTOR. WALTER offers the right machine solution for the grinding of tools for every customer application.

Flexible and cost-effective:

The HELITRONIC RAPTOR is a flexible and universal tool grinding machine especially designed for the grinding and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools for the metal and wood industry.

The specialised equipment of the HELITRONIC RAPTOR:

“Specialised” means in this case: optimising the important equipment options so that the HELITRONIC RAPTOR is targeted at the re-sharpening sector of rotationally symmetrical tools, in which one usually

– does not require a large variety of automation

– does not require automatic tool support systems

– does not require an automatic change of grinding wheels

– but still requires a high degree of flexibility in the working area for large and diverse types of tools.

For this reason, the HELITRONIC RAPTOR – unlike other machines from WALTER – is not configured for options such as wheel changer, robot loader or hydraulic tool support systems.

Tools with a maximum diameter of 320 mm and a maximum length of 280 mm including end face operation can be ground with the HELITRONIC RAPTOR. For automatic loading of up to 500 tools, an optional top loader, integrated in the working area, is available.

Further equipment features are:

– Low vibration, solid grey cast iron, gantry type construction

– 11,5 KW spindle motor

– Grinding software HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO

– Top loader (option)

– Glass scales (option)

– Torque drive for the A axis (option)

– Probe for measuring the grinding wheels (option)

– Manual support steady rest (option)

– and other options


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NUM Launches Form Compensation Option For NUMROTO Tool Grinding Software

NUM Launches Form Compensation Option For NUMROTO Tool Grinding Software

NUM has launched a powerful form compensation option for its renowned NUMROTO tool grinding software. The new option enables tool manufacturers to ‘close the loop’ between CNC tool grinding and measurement, in order to further increase process accuracy and consistency. The system inherently compensates for process variables such as temperature fluctuations and grinding wheel wear, and is likely to prove especially popular with manufacturers of the latest specialist precision tools, which demand unprecedentedly tight production standards.

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Operators seeking to maximise the accuracy of tools produced on CNC grinding machines generally use a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to obtain probed measurements of the machined part, using this information to influence the production process during subsequent machining operations. Until now, NUMROTO users processed the results from the CMM with proprietary third party compensation software running on an external computer, before feeding a suitably corrected target profile back into the CNC machine.

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Developed in conjunction with several key NUMROTO end users, NUM’s new form compensation facility forms a fully integrated part of the company’s form cutter package and completely dispenses with the need for any third-party software. The data exchange between the CMM and the CNC machine can be handled by XML interface or by export/import of the DXF file via a local area network.

The form compensation software employs advanced filtering algorithms to create a very smooth and precise compensation profile. The software always calculates the orientation of the grinding wheel and the path speed from the original profile, so that only the position of the contact point on the cutting edge is compensated – and not the orientation of the grinding wheel. This ensures that the surface quality of the tool is unaffected by the compensation.


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Walter Ewag Helitronic Vision 400 L Tool Grinding Machine

Walter Ewag Helitronic Vision 400 L tool grinding machine

Walter Ewag’s new Helitronic Vision 400 L high-performance tool grinding machine is designed for machining rotationally symmetrical precision tools such as hob cutters, step drills and profile tools made of HM, HSS, ceramic, cermet and CBN.

With an identical work area size compared to its predecessor, the new machine produces tools with a circumferential machining length of up to 420 mm compared to the former 370 mm as well as diameters from 3 to 315 mm.

The polymer or mineral casting machine base and portal design for extreme rigidity translate the high dynamics of the digital drives into virtually vibration-free grinding precision.

The wheel changer is capable of changing grinding wheels up to 254 mm in diameter and up to 24 grinding wheel sets.



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