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Tungaloy: Simplifying Swiss Lathe Operations With 10×12 Mm Toolholders

Tungaloy: Simplifying Swiss Lathe Operations With 10×12 mm Toolholders

Tungaloy is expanding its TungTurn-Jet series of turning toolholders by adding 10×12 mm shank designed specifically for the use on Swiss-type lathes enabling high-pressure coolant supply through the toolholder directly from the machine without an external coolant hose connection.

TungTurn-Jet toolholders deliver coolant strategically to the optimum position close to the cutting point of the insert. This significantly improves chip control when machining exotic materials that are prone to smearing by effectively breaking the chips into pieces and guiding them away from the cut, which was difficult using a traditional external coolant nozzle method. Additionally, TungTurn-Jet features a second coolant outlet from the insert clearance side which not only improves chip control but also helps minimise flank wear for increased insert life and productivity.

The new 10×12 mm shank toolholders are able to channel coolant directly from the machine tool into the tool holder and out through the nozzle. This technology can eliminate the need for an external coolant hose connection, which often causes unwanted chip accumulations in the tooling area that can easily stall production. The new toolholders provide internal coolant supply but can still be used with an external coolant hose.

The new toolholders can be used on any Swiss-type lathes that have 10x10mm positions on the turning tool post.  This addition, along with existing 12×12 mm and 20×20 mm shanks, now offer a complete range of TungTurn-Jet high pressure coolant-through solutions for Swiss-type lathe operations. The new toolholders are available for front-turning, grooving, parting, and thread-turning operations.

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