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Vingroup Officially Began Construction Of The VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory

Vingroup Officially Began Construction Of The VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory

The People’s Committee of Ha Tinh Province and Vingroup officially began construction of the VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory in the Vung Ang Economic Zone (Ha Tinh).

The facility is backed by VND 4,000 billion (nearly 173.7 million USD) in investments and is being developed on 8 hectares in its initial phase. The establishment of this factory represents an important milestone in VinFast’s strategy of self-production and supply of batteries with global standards for its electric vehicles.

The VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory will provide Lithium batteries for VinFast’s electric cars and buses. In Phase One, the factory will scale 8 hectares, funded by a total investment of more than VND 4,000 billion. The entire infrastructure of the factory, including a casting shop, a welding shop, and a packaging (battery pack) shop, is designed to produce 100,000 battery packs per year. Phase Two of the factory will expand production to include battery cells manufacturing and upgrade capacity to 1 million battery packs per year.

This very first and most advanced battery plant in Vietnam will be equipped with European and American-standard technologies that boast an astounding workflow automation rate of 80%. Vingroup is also working with strategic partners, include world’s leading companies in pioneering technologies for the production of electric vehicle batteries.

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang, Vice President & CEO of Vingroup noted: “The research and construction of this battery manufacturing factory in the Vung Ang Economic Zone reflect our efforts to establish a clean energy ecosystem that contributes to the localization of VinFast’s supply. Furthermore, we have been promoting collaboration with many prestigious partners around the world, including firms in the US, Israel, Taiwan, China and more, to research, develop and apply cutting-edge battery technologies such as super-fast charging, 100% solid-state batteries and highly advanced battery materials.”

The construction of the VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory marks a significant step in implementing Vingroup’s “three-pillars” battery strategy, including procuring batteries from the world’s top manufacturers, collaborating with partners to produce the world’s best batteries and conducting in-house research and development for battery production.

This is a key strategy in VinFast’s goal of becoming a global smart electric vehicle company. With this, VinFast will be able to provide a wide range of batteries that are suitable for each of its electric vehicle lines, fulfill growing demands in the Vietnamese and global markets. The importance of this battery factory in VinFast’s global expansion plan is especially significant given its recent introduction of two electric car models, the VF e35 and VF e36, at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November.

Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ha Tinh Province Vo Trong Hai expects VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory to contribute to local socioeconomic development.

According to Ms. Thai Thi Thanh Hai, Vice Chairwoman of  Vingroup and Vice-Chair of Board of Members of VinFast, “This is in the focus of VinFast’s localization strategy of supply. The strategy enables us to own our supply chain of batteries and parts and to keep VinFast at the forefront of battery technology innovation. This, in turn, helps us provide high-quality products at reasonable  prices and drive the movement of the global smart electric vehicle revolution.”

Once operational, the project is expected to attract thousands of domestic and foreign workers and contribute to accelerating industrial production in Ha Tinh Province.

Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke about Vingroup’s new battery factory:

Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory, Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc congratulated Vingroup and shared the conglomerate’s new vision in making a timely switch in its investing strategy from real estate to industry, service, and especially advanced technology, with VinFast automobile manufacturing complex, smartphone production and now a new battery factory.

“This is not only a very encouraging development for big Vietnamese corporations but also a meaningful event that will encourage small and medium enterprises to connect with value chains that are shaping the future,” the Vietnamese President stressed. “Vingroup’s switch in its strategy has shown its strong and direct involvement in Vietnam’s economic restructuring and modernization to enter a new growth path with higher productivity, more advanced technology and more added values.”

pic 1_Vietnamese President

Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc highly praises Vingroup’s strategy of becoming a leading industrial-technological conglomerate, with VinFast automobile manufacturing complex and VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory.


President Nguyen Xuan Phuc also stated: “With its proactiveness in acquiring and developing technologies to produce battery – a key component of EV, VinFast will quickly realize its goal of becoming a global smart electric vehicle company. Being able to self-produce and supply will enable VinFast to provide a wide range of batteries that are suitable for each of its electric vehicle lines, fulfill growing demands in the Vietnamese and global markets and contribute to the global EV revolution.

The success of VinES Battery Manufacturing Factory will greatly contribute to the development of a modern and sustainable economy. Vingroup has taken the advantage of being a successor to choose the most advanced technology. This is a decisive, brave and commendable choice. Vingroup’s success in turning into an industrial, technological conglomerate will not only inspire other Vietnamese corporations but also play an important role in establishing a ‘Make-in-Vietnam’ ecosystem of production, recycling and reuse of renewable energy battery.

I expect Vingroup to become a leading technology corporation that invests in research and development of new technologies, pioneers in innovation and succeeds in the global market.

On this occasion, I would like to thank Vingroup for providing cities, provinces and government agencies with donations and support worth more than 10 trillion VND, thereby extending timely aid to many people in difficult times”.

Vinfast Embarks On Joint Venture With ProLogium For EV Battery Solution

Vinfast Embarks On Joint Venture With ProLogium For EV Battery Solution

Vinfast, Vietnam’s first national car brand bared its ambition to dominate Vietnam’s electrical vehicle market by embracing ProLogium’s epoch-making solid state automotive battery solution.

A subsidiary of Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private company, Vinfast has signed a MOU with the leading solid-state battery manufacturer ProLogium to accelerate commercialisation of solid-state battery EV in Vietnam.

According to the MOU, the two parties will set up a joint venture to produce automotive solid-state battery(SSB) pack for Vinfast’s EVs. The JV will have priority to purchase PLG’s SSB product and will be licensed to use PLG’s patented SSB pack assembly technology, MAB (Multi-Axis Bipolar+), to produce CIM/CIP SSB pack (cell is module/ cell is pack) locally in Vietnam.  PLG will produce SSB inlays (semi-finished battery cell composed of cathode, solid state electrolyte and anode layer) for the JV at one of its Asian manufacturing centers (expected to reach 1-2 GWh capacity in 2022), which will support mass production schedule of Vinfast EVs in 2023-2024.

Debuted 4 years ago, Vinfast is now ranked number 5 in Vietnam’s automobile market share and has created a wide-spectrum product portfolio. Through its JV partnership with PLG, Vinfast will be enabled to build EVs that boast ultimate safety, substantially longer range, efficient charging time comparable to fuel vehicles, and superiority in both intelligence and performance.


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