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WireShow 2021 Visitor Registration Is Open: Explore Suppliers From Hundreds Of Domestic And Overseas Brands

WireShow 2021 Visitor Registration Is Open: Explore Suppliers From Hundreds Of Domestic And Overseas Brands

Building on the fruitful results and success of wire China, Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (MDS) and Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co., Ltd. (SECRI) have deepened their cooperation to jointly organise another event in the wire and cable industry – WireShow. Founded in the late 1980s, WireShow has experienced more than 30 years of development and growth and has become one of the most important wire and cable exhibitions in China and East-Asia. Last edition of WireShow reached a new record with a total exhibition area of 25,000 sqm, with more than 400 domestic and overseas companies showcasing their cutting-edge technologies and products to near 15,000 trade visitors.

As a long-term partner of MDS, the International Wire Machinery Association (IWMA) has extended its strong support to the show and will provide latest news of WireShow to the overseas industry colleagues via their publicity channels.


Join WireShow to grasp the development trend of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan

At the beginning of China’s “14th Five-Year (2021-2025) Plan “, this year’s WireShow will help wire and cable companies to seize market dividends and gain insights more accurately into the development trends of the next five years. At the same time, as the application industries such as “5G”, “artificial intelligence”, “intelligent equipment”, “railway transit”, and ” environmental protection” usher in a new round of growth, wire and cable industry colleagues need to keep a close eye on trending topics and achieve high-quality development.

Relying on the long-term efforts of epidemic prevention and the popularisation of vaccination in China, people’s daily life is basically back on track. With the recovery of many application industries, wire and cable companies have also expressed high expectations and confidence in the short-term market and have decided to join the upcoming WireShow. So far, several international leading brands have confirmed their participation, such as WAFIOS, Maillefer, Rosendahl, Troester, Huntsman, Zumbach, Proton, SIKORA, FELSS, TÜV Rheinland, Totoku among other brands.

On the other hand, domestic production companies are also actively participating. More than 370 domestic brands have confirmed to attend WireShow 2021, including Xinming, ZhongDing, Handing, Strd Laser, Singcheer, ABZ, Chuangzhan, Chaoxu Electromechanical, Smarter, Hongqi, etc.


Visitors’ online registration is open, and group visitors can enjoy special privileges

From now on, trade visitors can do the online real-name registration via the WireShow website or WeChat account. For multi-person visitor groups, the organisers also provide a quick registration way. Feel free to invite your colleagues or friends in the industry to come and visit together.

  • How to register?

CLICK HERE to complete the visitor registration form and save the confirmation page with the personal registration code to visit WireShow 2021 for free! If you have five or more visitors in one group, please DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM and submit it to the organiser for review before the deadline, thank you!


  • Pandemic protection and prevention measures

Providing each participant with a healthy and safe exhibition environment is the organiser’s top priority. This exhibition will strictly abide by the guidance requirements of the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association and implement real-name registration management for all participants. Participants must hold a green health code and have a normal body temperature (≤37.3 deg ) in order to enter the fairgrounds.

WireShow 2021 will be held from 31st August to 2nd September at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Look forward to seeing you onsite! For more information about WireShow, please visit the official website:


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Wire & Tube China 2020 To Steer Global Economy Recovery As Scheduled In September

wire & Tube China 2020 To Steer Global Economy Recovery As Scheduled In September

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has been effectively controlled in China, and some overseas countries have managed to stabilise the epidemic situation after several months of travel restrictions. Considering the exhibition industry is important to promote cross-regional economic and trade cooperations, a guideline on the prevention and control of COVID-19 issued by the State Council of China in May declared that all kinds of necessary conferences and exhibitions can be held with a high standard onsite hygiene measures and proper personnel management.

During the pandemic, the organisers of wire & Tube China, Messe Dusseldorf (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute Co Ltd and Metallurgical Council of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (MC-CCPIT) pay close attention to the changes in the domestic and international situation. In addition to the establishment of a joint emergency team, the organisers have actively created a new model of an “offline + online” combined exhibitionwhich can not only warm up the exhibition, but also break the boundaries of time and space to network exhibitors with buyers.

On the other hand, many exhibitors still show their trust in wire & Tube China. So far, over 600 companies have confirmed their participation in wire China, and nearly 340 companies have submitted booking applications for Tube China. Country and region pavilions from Germany, France, Japan, and China Taiwan are expected to join the exhibition at the same time.

Ensuring the health and safety of every participant is always the top priority. The organisers will strictly follow the COVID-19 protection guidelines and provide all participants with a safe communication platform. In response to the prevention and control measures on COVID-19 in Shanghai, all participants need to do online real-name registration before the show, then present health code and take temperature onsite.

Visit to register and get passes.


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AMBA: Rolling Provides High Degree Of Flexibility In The Manufacture Of Spoke Blanks

AMBA: Rolling Provides High Degree Of Flexibility In The Manufacture Of Spoke Blanks

Wire 2020 will see the unveiling of the new spoke-blank reducing machine DD-350 developed by Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH (AMBA). With a throughput rate of up to 40 pieces per minute, this machine achieves a much higher efficiency than machines of conventional designs.

Double thick-end spokes, i.e. spokes that are thinner in the middle than at their ends, are predominantly used in high-end bicycles. They save weight and reduce windage. The blanks for this type of spokes cannot be manufactured by drawing or upsetting.

The new spoke-blank reducing machine developed by AMBA reduces the spoke diameter between the ends by rolling to a defined smaller diameter over a freely adjustable length. The machine achieves roundness tolerances as low as two to three hundredths of a millimeter.

Background: Electric bikes

The booming demand for electric bikes results in bicycles operating at higher speeds and more heavier-weight riders. As a result of these trends, the spoke ends connecting with the hub have to cope with increasingly higher loads, especially during braking. At the same time the opposite ends of the spoke may have the same diameter as common in non-electric bikes because the connection with the rim is not affected by the extra load. Consequently, there is a growing demand for spoke blanks with ends of different diameters.

The technology in detail

The new AMBA machine is servo-controlled. The new machine is servo-controlled. The length and position of the area with reduced cross section can be changed while the blank passes through. The user only enters the geometry of the blank into the CNC control unit. The machine adapts the rolling parameters automatically. All the operator needs to do is enter the data for the blank geometry into the CNC panel. The machine will automatically adjust the rolling parameters.

Manfred Houben, one of the Managing Directors of AMBA, sees great potential for the new DD-350 machine and the various models of this product line. “The machine is servo-controlled. This allows us to respond to the requirements of the spoke manufacturers extremely flexibly – not only in terms of highest precision and performance efficiency, but also with a view to potential new applications. For example, we can design the machine with such a high power rating that it is no problem to produce spoke blanks of much larger diameters.“

Cold forming of pinned joints for bicycle rims

At WIRE 2020, AMBA is additionally going to showcase its machines for rolling and knurling pinned joints for bike rims. Whereas these parts used to be manufactured by subtractive machining, AMBA’s all-in-one machine only requires one process step to form finished pinned joints directly from the cut wire rod. The finished parts are gravity-discharged from the machine.


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Dango & Dienenthal: Laser Technology Facilitates Pipe Sizing

Dango & Dienenthal: Laser Technology Facilitates Pipe Sizing

At the upcoming TUBE trade fair, Dango & Dienenthal (D&D) is going to unveil its new laser-supported tool for high-precision sizing of pipes. The Pipe Sizer achieves its extraordinarily high precision level thanks to a laser triangulation sensor which measures the internal contour of the pipe simultaneously with the sizing process. Another benefit of the new tool is that it dramatically cuts the time needed for pipe sizing.

The core element of the system is the expander. This unique component features six axially arranged expandable forming dies that cover the entire internal circumference of the pipe. Each die can be expanded separately by means of a hydraulic cylinder. As each cylinder can be individually actuated, it is possible to size the pipe ends highly precisely and efficiently by actuating only those dies relevant for the sectors of the pipe circumference that need sizing.

Unique about this pipe sizing tool developed by D&D is that it comes with a 360 deg circumference laser which measures the internal contour over the pipe’s complete circumference, generating – in real time – an exact high-resolution image of the internal pipe wall.

High-precision input for high-precision control

The pipe to be sized is fed onto the pipe sizer by means of a roller table. During this process, the 360 deg circumference laser measures all geometry data needed for the subsequent sizing process. From these measurements, the dedicated software calculates the actuation values for each one of the six expandable dies.

During the sizing process, the dies are individually expanded exactly to the point and with the pressure needed to achieve the desired internal contour of the pipe. When the process has been completed, the laser re-measures the contour. In the event that the pipe wall has sprung back, the control software re-calculates the actuation values for a second sizing cycle and the sizing process starts anew.

Each one of the six dies covers a sector of 60 deg. It may happen that the contour measurements show that the pipe wall needs to be expanded at a point located between two adjacent dies. In this case, the pipe can be rotated on the roller table.

The first pipe sizing machine of this type designed by D&D will be used for sizing the ends of pipes with diameters ranging between 400 and 1,000 mm and wall thicknesses between 20 and 60 mm.

Denis Albayrak, Sales Manager at Dango & Dienenthal Umformtechnik, describes the benefits for producers and processors of tubes and pipes: “The inline laser measurement makes it possible, for the first time ever, not only to obtain information about the internal geometry of a pipe “live”, during the sizing process, but to actually use this information inline for the control of the sizing operation in process. This shortens the entire procedure while achieving ultra-high precision.“

Best Fit and full body expansion

With the contour measurement by a laser it is now possible to introduce 100 percent pipe inspection without having to set up a time-consuming procedure. Gapless documentation of the geometry – inside diameter and ovality, for example – no longer poses a challenge. This data can even be used to apply the Best Fit process, a highly efficient process to optimise line pipe welding assembly operations.

Moreover, the new laser-based sizing technology also enables the sizing of pipes along their full body. The demands on the quality of pipes – especially, in terms of perfect roundness – have become increasingly exacting during the last few years, presenting pipe manufacturers constantly with new challenges. Here the new laser-supported tool has the potential to accelerate the pipe sizing process perceptibly and reduce the number of out-of-spec pipes shipped.


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The World Of Tube Processing

The World Of Tube Processing

The conventional method of tube cutting can no longer cope with the high demand for tube designed products, which are increasingly being utilised across various industries. This article discusses why laser tube cutting makes sense now more than ever. Article by TRUMPF.

Because of their diverse shapes and materials, tubes and profiles can be used with great flexibility—from fitness equipment to furniture to agricultural machinery.

Conventional tube fabricators use a variety of methods like sawing, lathe cutting, rotary cutting, supported shear cutting and milling to cut tubes from long lengths into shorter pieces for variable parts and welded together for the final fabrication. No single method is optimal for cutting the broad range of tubular materials and shapes produced by this industry.

The demand for tube designed products are getting increasingly common across various industries and the conventional method of tube cutting can no longer cope with the high demand. Therefore, new and faster methods of tube cutting must be implemented, hence the introduction of the laser tube cutting machine.

Designers have been working with tube designs for a long time and more and more people are taking advantage of the benefits of laser-cut tubes and profiles. The current demand is growing faster than the production capacity.

The most important areas of applications are:

  • machine and device construction
  • furniture and shop construction
  • agricultural machines
  • automotive industry
  • scaffolding and platform construction
  • sports and fitness equipment

Why Laser Tube Cutting Makes Sense

With a laser beam you can even cut complex contours effortlessly. With only one tool, the laser, you can process various material types, wall thicknesses and profile geometries.

The laser cutting of tubes offers you new tube design possibilities that would not have been possible with conventional methods. Because of this, production steps are also reduced. Using the laser, you simplify welding fixtures and therefore lower the welding costs. Positioning aids with tabs and holes make component assembly easier and coding aids prevent assembly errors. Be they standard connections or demanding designs, using laser cutting will help you discover new design possibilities.

Your advantages include product cost reduction; new product design; process simplification; lower organizational effort; shorter response times; simplification and optimization of parts; and reduction of downstream working steps.

Innovative Design Possibilities

The following are just a few of the design possibilities enabled by laser cutting of tubes:

  1. Simple connections – Inserts and attachments

Thanks to laser tube cutting, you can attach tubes and profiles with great ease using inserts or attachments. In doing so, you benefit from diverse design possibilities – from inserts with through-flow functions right to attachments for load-bearing constructions.

  1. Plug Connections

Plug connections are made with the help of positioning and coding aids. Benefit from the many advantages that positioning and coding bring.

Meanwhile, plug connections for round tubes take on a positioning and coding function. The result: The parts are aligned exactly against each other and the transfer of forces at the contact surface of connection is optimal.

  1. Tube – Blank Connections

Tube-blank connections enable the quick and easy joining of blanks and tubes. The individually designed tabs provide the possibility of a fastening point and can also have a coding function. Scribing of the material is often no longer necessary.

Technology Package for Tapping: Finished Parts from the Machine

With technology package for tapping, it is possible to get finished parts from the machine, without any movement to further processing steps.

In here, additional machining process such as flow drilling, thread forming or cutting, and twist drilling can be done with high positionings accuracy.

This machine features a numerically controlled spindle, an 8-way tool changer, and a standard clamping system for the tools. In particular, the flow-drilling process increases the material thickness for the thread—helping users save on material, weight and costs.

Customer advantages include greater flexibility and complete processing on the machine; handling of heavy tubes as part of thread incorporation; minimised intralogistics and material transport; no further production step for tapping—the finished part comes from the machine; and error avoidance in positioning or accuracy. It is also possible to increase the material thickness with the flow drilling tool. The method and thread sizes depend on the material and tube geometry.


Laser tube cutting and the innovative tube designs save you time and money. It helps users cut holes or do complex contours and longer tubes in one working step. In addition to that, steps like storing, handling, and tool change are no longer needed, while at the same time reducing downstream work such as deburring, welding, or assembly.



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Sandvik Opens Coiled Tubing Line In China, Ensuring Fast Deliveries In Asia

Sandvik Opens Coiled Tubing Line In China, Ensuring Fast Deliveries In Asia

Sandvik has opened a state-of-the-art coiled tubing line for premium grades of seamless stainless-steel products in smaller dimensions at its Zhenjiang tube mill near Shanghai, China. The commitment to produce longer lengths of weld-free coiled tubing locally will enable customers in the Asia Pacific region to receive deliveries within 28 days, instead of waiting four to six months for longer length reels to arrive from abroad.

“The new coiled tube offering is a further step in our commitment to boost the competitiveness of customers in China and throughout the Asia Pacific region,” says Satish Sharath, Business Unit President Sandvik Tube APAC. “We’ve seen a rising demand on projects within chemical processing, oil and gas, alternative energy and other industries for urgent local supplies of coiled tubing. The compact reels, ease of transport and ability to precisely cut lengths in challenging situations allow customers to work fast and efficiently, with fewer connectors and zero risk of system leakage.”

Initially, the focus will be on Sandvik 3R60 (ASTM TP 316/316L) tubing – an austenitic chromium-nickel steel with a minimum of 2.6 percent molybdenum and low carbon content – in outer diameters from 6.0 to 14 mm. The coiled tube is supplied as level-wound on plastic-wrapped wooden reels in standard (55-260 m) or longer lengths (135 – 611 m), or as bulk coil, strapped into boxes. The new range complements Sandvik’s current offering of six-meter straight lengths of hydraulic and instrumentation tubing, which are already available in the widest range of sizes and grades on the market today.

“At first glance, most tubing looks pretty much the same,” says Glenn Darley, Regional Sales and Marketing Director in China. “But numerous tests show that Sandvik truly sets a standard within the various product and grade standards, consistently delivering at the highest levels on key performance criteria such as ovality, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness and tight tolerances. This – and our deep materials expertise – matters a great deal to end users who often discover the hard way that inferior local grades can lead to system leakage, unplanned maintenance or – even worse – a plant shutdown.”

According to Darley, the 28-day delivery promise means, in effect, that Sandvik coiled tubing is now “closer than you think.” In addition to Sandvik 3R60 (ASTM TP 316/316L), the company will supply other grades of high-alloy and duplex tube products in a wide range of dimensions. He encourages customers to ask about these. However, they will be handled on a case-by-case basis, by country, and may be subject to slightly different delivery times than the 28-day guarantee now being offered for standard grades.

“Our aim is to better serve customers in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Paul Tsai, Production Unit General Manager at the Zhenjiang Mill. “The new offering combines advanced production technology and unique manufacturing know-how with extensive technical support.” The mill he oversees, located 250 kilometers northwest of Shanghai, produces straight and U-bent tube for heat exchangers and hydraulic and instrumentation tubing in austenitic and duplex stainless steels as well as high-alloy austenitic stainless steels and nickel alloys.

“Our commitment to China and Asia-Pacific region goes back more than 40 years,” says Satish Sharath. “We have trusted distributors or sales offices in virtually every country, opened our high-tech mill in Zhenjaing in 2011, have another tube mill in India and one in North America, in addition to our main R&D and tube production works in Sandviken, Sweden. In other words, plenty of backup production power.”



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