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Taiwan’s Key Role In Industry 4.0 Underscored By Leading Companies at Metaltech 2023

Taiwan’s Key Role In Industry 4.0 Underscored By Leading Companies At Metaltech 2023

Metaltech 2023 welcomed several Taiwan-based brands this year as the importance of Taiwan’s smart machinery and smart manufacturing companies continues to grow and they become total solution providers for the industry globally.

Taiwan’s position as a leading force in Industry 4.0 has been of increased focus in recent times, and this has been corroborated recently by the Atomium European Institute. Taiwan’s high-tech workforce and robust startup ecosystem have contributed to its rise, and being home to the highest density of machinery plants in the world makes it even more attractive as a hub for smart machinery development.

The Leading Edge Of Machinery And Smart Manufacturing At Metaltech

The event took place from 31 May to 3 June in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, saw Taiwan’s leading manufacturing and machinery companies in attendance, namely HIWIN, Hsin Huan Lung, Joen Lih, Shin-Yain (SYIC), Syntec, and Tongtai. Each brand introduced key products during the show on 1 June at the Level 1 Seminar Area at MITEC.

As one of the largest motion control and system technology manufacturers in the world, HIWIN showcased its Torque Motor Rotary Table (TMRT). An advanced metalworking device, the TMRT offers zero backlash and high precision, speed, and torque, making it ideal for industries in need of reliable high-accuracy solutions and maximal output.

Also focused on advanced solutions for backlash control, Hsin Huan Lung, a leading company specialising in worm gears and copper alloy casting, showcased its duplex worm gear set. Using the latest production processes, the company guarantees a high level of precision and quality on all customers’ orders for the set.

With robust experience working with Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, Joen Lih specialises in high-precision surface grinding machines and introduced its JL-D16 machine. Ideal for the delicate, intricate process of manufacturing chips, this high-precision double-sided grinding and polishing machine balances high production capacity with precise, electronically controlled pressure control.

Specialising in manufacturing tool holders, collets, angle head holders, boring heads and cutting tools, SYIC highlighted several new products as well. Its workpiece clamping system solutions decrease setting time and boost production efficiency by allowing for clamping a part outside the machine, and its measuring tools for machining centers ensure precision and help to prolong machine life.

A leading provider of industrial marking solutions, Syntec launched its cutting-edge Smart Laser Marking Machine that packs several advanced features, including built-in vision and quality inspection. With a user-friendly design and simplified production process that boost efficiency, this solution is ideal for businesses across industries seeking the latest in automated marking technology.

Lastly, Tongtai — a top machinery manufacturer in Taiwan with diverse, comprehensive solutions and showcased two variants of its tapping center VTX-10 line. Designed for enterprises producing larger components, the VTX-10 high-torque type and VTX-10 high-efficiency type offer a vast x-axis range of 1000 mm.

Taiwan: A Driving Force Towards Industry 4.0

The machinery and manufacturing industry in Taiwan continues to go from strength to strength, aided by its superior geographical location and comprehensive support. This allows the entire industry to benefit from the advantages of high efficiency and high precision, powered by ICT technology and precise machinery alongside many other key components.

At the same time, it is also supported by the development of value-added software and effective processes and services. All of these advantages build towards enhancing the reliability of products and the value they bring to the table, making it possible for Taiwan to march towards a more intelligent and greener future and establishing it as the best partner for intelligent manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region.

The attendance of these companies at Metaltech 2023 is organised by Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and executed by the Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (PMC) and TAITRA.



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