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Taiwan Takisawa Marks 50 Years At TIMTOS 2023 With Green Smart Machinery

Taiwan Takisawa Marks 50 Years At TIMTOS 2023 With Green Smart Machinery

Taiwan Takisawa celebrates 50th anniversary and releases green smart machinery in TIMTOS 2023. New developments of smart lathes to contribute the environmental protection classed as “Green Smart Machinery” with stable processing accuracy, plus lower energy consumption showcased.

In 2022, Taiwan Takisawa registered a historically high profit from its customers and partners’ continued support, plus efforts from the team which brought forth breakthroughs and innovations. The company is moving toward to “Green Smart Machinery” to help customers decarbonise production sites with high-precision and energy-saving solutions.

Taiwan Takisawa not only builds smart and intelligent production lines in the factory, but hopes to help customers reduce waste and carbon emissions at the manufacturing site. It is also continuously developing solutions and technology that reduce energy consumption of machine tools and peripherals.

The UX-2000 Tool Spindle Turning Center can replace a multi-machine production line consisting of milling, lathe, gear processing machines, and measuring systems. Reduce carbon emissions, increased utilisation rate and reduce machining accuracy errors, with the design of the lower milling turret can perform dual-tool balanced cutting, shorten the processing time and perform 4+1 axis simultaneous machining. It is a highly engineering-intensive, Turn-mill multi-axis machine. Furthermore, UX-2000 just won 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award.

In addition, LA-350Y 15″ High-rigidity Turn-mill Center is first released in TIMTOS. It is equipped with Takisawa home-made gearbox, same level as Japanese manufacturer, which provides high torque required for heavy cutting, shortens the processing time of difficult-to-cut materials and reduces carbon emissions. Box guide way on all axes with wide range of Y-axis travel, turret equipped with milling function and with 3 different turning length for selection. It’s a development of turn-mill center for machining of medium-large and complex parts.

Taiwan Takisawa showcased six new smart machines equipped with inhouse developed intelligent software, including energy monitoring, processing optimisation, processing monitoring and friendly operation interface. Among them, the smart energy monitoring system equipped with visualisation and analysis of energy consumption allows the equipment to achieve the effects of carbon reduction, fuel saving, power saving, and implements the goal of net zero through a multi-pronged approach. 

Aligned with the corporate philosophy of “altruism” and “mutual benefit”, Taiwan Takisawa prioritises customers’ beginning with identifying the challenge, and follow with customised solutions. The value of Takisawa lies in its accumulated 50 years of experience and technologies, providing comprehensive services to meet the various requirements and expectations of customers.



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