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TAIWAN: Your High-End Partner For Your Smart Manufacturing Journey

Taiwan companies have long been supplying machineries to manufacturers in the ASEAN region. The government’s thrust toward developing a much deeper cooperation with the industry in Southeast Asia through its digital media campaign for Taiwan machine tools, and a potentially new global supply chain pattern emerging post-pandemic, are expected to open up more opportunities for manufacturing cooperation between the ASEAN region and Taiwan.

In line with this, the Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI), in cooperation with Asia Pacific Metalworking Equipment News (APMEN), held a webinar on November 12 that highlighted the latest smart technology solutions from Taiwanese companies aimed at helping manufacturers on their journey towards smarter manufacturing. With the theme Taiwan: Your High-End Partner For Your Smart Manufacturing Journey, the webinar puts into spotlight Taiwan’s reliable, smart solutions for automated production, and why ASEAN manufacturers should consider Taiwan technologies for their manufacturing strategies.

High Precision Smart Manufacturing In SEA

James Kao, Project Manager at HIWIN Technologies Corp. opened the session by sharing their smart manufacturing solutions and successes in Southeast Asia (SEA). Automation and adoption of smart manufacturing is growing in the SEA, and HIWIN covers major industries across the region including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

James highlights HIWIN’s smart manufacturing applications, which includes automotive and auto parts manufacturing where 6-axis robots and hybrid robots are deployed from loading & unloading, to product inspection.

Staying Competitive

Next, we hear from Randi Tsai, International Sales Representative at Yeong Chin Machinery Industries co., ltd. (YCM) about how the company is helping its customers stay competitive ahead of the pandemic against industry challenges such as resource & environmental issues and labour shortage.

Randi showcases the company’s total machine solutions and how it tackles pandemic challenges, as well as the benefit of each solution. To find out about the new 5 axes machines which ensures efficiency, quality and cost competitiveness, watch this clip:

Precision Spring Manufacturing

Eric Cheng, Sales Representative of Ciangshuo Machinery Co. Ltd, presented on reducing cost and increasing efficiency in precision spring manufacturing. He discussed the company’s CNC spring formers, hook stations, servo spinners, and servo cutters, aimed at helping customers achieve automatic production for torsion springs, extension springs, wave springs, wire forming parts, strip forming parts, and air coil parts.

Hydraulic Press Outlook

Established in 1976, DEES Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd is one of the leading hydraulic press machine manufacturers in Taiwan for sheet metal forming in automotive and home appliance industries. More than 90 percent of its products, ranging from straight-sided, 4-post, and gap type systems with capacities from 30 tons to 6,000 tons, are exported.

Ale Lee, sales manager of DEES, discussed the outlook for hydraulic presses in Southeast Asia, key demand drivers, and markets where he sees growth.

Enhancing Cooperation in Southeast Asia

Founded in 1945 and with more than 2,900 members, TAMI is one of the most representative association for Taiwan’s machinery industry, and the organizer of international machinery exhibitions such as TIMTOS, TaipeiPLAS, and ShoeTech Taipei.

Jason Liu, product manager at TAMI, talked about key statistics from Taiwan’s machine manufacturing in 2019, key trade partners, and new strategies to further enhance Taiwan manufacturers’ cooperation with the ASEAN metalworking and machine tools industry.

Reducing Labour Costs and Downtime

Olivia Chen, sales representative of Gentiger Machinery Industrial Co. Ltd, gave a presentation on automation strategies to reduce labour cost and production downtime. She also discussed Gentiger’s latest machine, the GT-H2517F, and its applications and target markets; as well as their Smart Machine Industry 4.0, which was presented at TIMTOS 2019 and features status monitoring, production history, and mail notification, among others.

Taking Your Production to the Next Level

Stanley Yeh, Director for ASEAN Markets at TOYO Automation Co. Ltd, talked about how smarter manufacturing solutions can help take your production to the next level. He showcased the company’s solutions integrated in a COVID-19 RT-PCR test machine; in a USB assembly line; and the AGV application in an electric motorcycle production environment.

Forming Technologies for Lightweight Materials and Composites

Michael Wang is the vice president of Lien Chieh Hydraulic Industrial Co. Ltd (LCH). Established in 1947, LCH is said to be the most famous hydraulic press manufacturer with the longest history in Taiwan.

Wang discussed forming technologies to address the unique requirements of lightweight materials and composites. He talked about their tandem, deep drawing, trimming, hemming, die spotting, tryout, forging, and hydroforming presses, for applications in bicycle, automotive, home appliance, motorcycle, and aerospace manufacturing, to name a few.

Wang also highlighted LCH’s focus on reducing energy consumption through its innovative technologies, as well as how they are helping handle composites.

Smarter Bar Feeding

The last presenter was Edward Tsai, Overseas Sales Manager of GIMCO Giuliani Iemca Machinery Co. Ltd (IEMCA). Established in 1961, IEMCA is one of the leading manufacturer of bar feeders. It has four production plants—in Italy, Taiwan, China, and the United States—and has over 100,000 installations in more than 90 countries.

In his presentation, Tsai talked about smarter strategies to bar feeding for next-generation automotive manufacturing, and how bar feeders help manufacturers in their production.

Tsai also presented their first Industry 4.0 Bar Feeder, and its key features, including remote monitoring, control, and assistance; backup and restoration of machine parameters; and telecontrol by OPC-UA clients, among others.


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