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Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Taiwan’s Foxconn To Cut 10,000 Jobs In 2018 To Automate Operations

Taipei, Taiwan: The Innolux company—part of the Foxconn corporation that produces display panels, announced that it will be cutting 10,000 jobs in Taiwan amid a move to automate its production line. The news was confirmed by Tuan Hsin-Chien, honorary chairman, Foxconn.

According to the Inquirer, Tuan said that Innolux was preparing for about 16-percent cut of its workforce in 2018. At a press conference, he specified a workforce of over 60,000 to drop below 50,000, coinciding with a new manufacturing system to automate around 75 percent of display panel production process.

This production line upgrade is in line with Foxconn’s development of a new “active mini-matrix LED” screen that reportedly outperforms existing display screens, reported the Inquirer. The news screen is also designed to be foldable.

Despite the inevitability of automation in more industries during upcoming years, Foxconn’s announcement disturbs people like those in Wisconsin, US, who are slated to construct a US$4.5 billion Foxconn manufacturing facility.

During negotiations between Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s state governor, and Foxconn, there had been no safeguards mentioned against automation as it was not considered a serious concern, said Wisconsin-based media sources.

Currently, it seems a valid concern that workers in the US state may be entering a potentially unfair deal, according to David Bowen—a former state representative.

Foxconn is sought to outline its automation plans for the Wisconsin plant. That way, the local population can right expectations should there be a timeline to automate production process at the future facility.

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