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Taking ER Farther

Solid ER collets in sizes ER25, ER32, and ER40. Compatible with any standard ER collet chuck, and any ER turret adapted clamping unit.

Taking ER Farther

Kennametal has announced an expansion of the turret adapted clamping units (TACU): ERready driven units in conjunction with a line of solid ER collets which are threaded to accept screwon milling cutters.

Taking ER Farther

Turning a CNC lathe machine into a milling machine by providing access of any small diameter screw-on milling cutter to ER driven units.

“Together the new TACU ER units and the solid ER collets are a great marriage of technology. Available in sizes ER25 through ER40 with thread sizes ranging from M08 through M16, this innovation provides machining center-like capabilities to your live tool lathe. These new products provide the flexibility to use standard ER collets with solid end mills, or the new solid ER collets together with screw-on indexable milling cutters”, said Ronald West, Manager, Tooling Systems.

Sealed for through-the-tool coolant and there is a one-millimeter standoff for additional clearance on larger end mills with a precision-ground locating boss for minimal runout. It’s a very compact design, reducing the chance of interference on smaller machines. Compared to a standard springstyle ER collet, they’re very rigid, so you can take heavier cuts.

The TACU offering can be used on seven leading brands of CNC lathes, both VDI and boltmounted turrets (BMT) with a variety of static and driven blocks. TACU’s are equipped for internal and external coolant, with up to 12,000 RPM possible on specified driven tools. “This addition greatly increases the capabilities of our TACU offering”, said West.


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