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Image Source: Telkom Indonesia

Image Source: Telkom Indonesia

Telkom Set To Support Industrial Revolution 4.0

Jakarta, Indonesia: On 28 June 2018, Dian Rachawan, enterprise and business service director, Telkom Indonesia, and Sanny Iskandar, chairman of Indonesian Industrial Estates Association, signed a memorandum of understanding on provision and development of telecommunication, edutainment & services, information and media in Jakarta.

At the signing ceremony, Airlangga Hartanto, Industry Minister, explained that President Joko Widodo launched Making Indonesia 4.0 to boost Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global market during this digital era.

He said: “For that, Telkom has an important role in supporting the development of digital infrastructure, especially the provision of fibre optic networks and other infrastructure, while maintaining reliability and security.”

“This cooperation is a manifestation of Telkom’s commitment to help advance Indonesia’s industrial sector by digitizing Industrial Zone to Industrial Estate 4.0 and to add value to both entities in a sustainable manner,” Rachawan commented.

Judi Achmadi, executive vice president of Telkom’s enterprise service division, cited digitisation of products and services, the Internet of Things that creates interconnectivity between people and things, and the use of big data and automation, as key factors of the fourth industrial revolution.

Rachawan added: “Supported by a network of fiber optic infrastructure that currently extends across the archipelago from Banda Aceh to Papua, as well as international infrastructure networks, we are ready to answer the needs of industry players across Indonesia.”

Information and communication technology in Indonesia’s industrial sector is expected to save costs and time, producing more efficient products and services competitive in both the domestic and global markets.

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