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The Real Reason ChatGPT Is A Threat

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The Real Reason ChatGPT Is A Threat

Ever since OpenAI got accessible, it became a staple for many professionals to find solutions if not alternatives to improve their work. As at 30 March 2023, ChatGPT reportedly registered over 100 million users, including that from metalworking industry.

A knee-jerk reaction followed with many wondering if the chatbot is going to replace jobs. A ray of sunshine pierced through when the truth of the chatbot bobbed up — it is still controlled by humans.

It is not uncommon to find plenty of jokes and memes online involving ChatGPT. One of them noted a student got busted after blindly copying everything the chatbot generated into her paper. However, nothing beats Samsung’s semiconductor division’s fiasco of leaking confidential coding data while using the chatbot to improve coding.

Google is a tool for many for research and information gathering, while the chatbot is just saving the steps of going through every entry for relevant data. Nonetheless, it is known that information off the internet can be inaccurate and even plagarised from other genuine sources.

However, OpenAI’s ChatGPT is smart enough to dish a disclaimer that its data collected was till September 2021 and unable to provide any beyond that date. There is the cutoff, and the chatbot remains active in mining global data quietly before releasing an enhanced version to generate revenue.

There are other chatbots in the market which are paid services and claim to be updated with the latest information. It is still anybody’s guess how much manpower is required to verify the data authenticity to warrant the subscription.

Back to the question, is the chatbot really a threat? It is when a human is incapable of improvising/improving/innovating enough and needs a software to get work done. It is also a threat towards those who are genuinely learned and knowledgeable — especially machining coding for our industry.

To be classed in the bottom league by others who seemingly “work smart” with chatbots is plain unacceptable. What if you realise work generated by a chatbot contains your unique signature, can you file for an infringement of copyright claim?


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