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Iscar explains importance of having the right tools in CNC machining

ISCAR Explains The Importance Of The Right Tool In CNC Technology

Andrei Petrilin, ISCAR’s Senior Technical Manager takes APMEN through the importance of having the right tools in CNC machining.

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines dates back to the 1950s, The technology was difficult to introduce due to manufacturers’ skepticism. Today, CNC machines are part of the manufacturing world. In material-removal processes, a CNC machine has become the central link determining the functional capabilities of a manufacturer. 

CNC machining centres are complex makeups that continue to evolve and improve. The advancements of CNC technology is based on progress in various fields such as main spindle and its bearing units, machining slideways, high-velocity drives, computer engineering, hydraulics, electric motors, robotics, sensors, and the like.

Compared to a conventional machine with mechanical parts, the share of modern digital CNC machines is significantly higher. CNC technology will remain as the backbone of machining. The aim is to increase versatility, productivity, stability, reliability, and accuracy. These targets are ongoing milestones that sustain contemporary machining results.


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