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The Rise of Additive Manufacturing In Vietnam

The Rise of Additive Manufacturing In Vietnam

Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, is gaining in popularity due to its broad scope of application, in industry, R&D, and for personal use. Asia Briefing offers an overview of how this burgeoning new technology is evolving in Vietnam. 

AM is a relatively new means of producing goods, yet has become incredibly popular around the world in a very short amount of time. More commonly known as 3D printing, AM takes raw materials in liquid form and essentially prints a component, product, or part – layer by layer. This technology has been used around the world for myriad applications from houses to, controversially, guns.

In manufacturing hubs like Vietnam, this new technology has the potential to be a changemaker. It can produce parts and components for a fraction of their traditional cost, by limiting wastage and reducing the need for labour. 

With this in mind, the potential for AM to dramatically disrupt the manufacturing industry is clear and as a result, drew significant attention in Vietnam. This is in both using AM in production processes and in developing AM technology. 

In this light, it’s not only important but can be valuable for manufacturing firms in Vietnam to understand the key industry drivers of AM — how the industry is developing, and what impact AM might have on Vietnam’s enormous manufacturing industry.


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