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Toyota Sold 10.35M Vehicles In 2017

Aichi Prefecture, Japan: Automaker Toyota Motor Corporation has announced it sold 10.35 million vehicles globally in 2017, an increase of two percent from 2016.

The volume of sales by the Japanese automaker is expected to place the automaker close to 2016’s largest market holder in terms of vehicles sold, Germany-based Volkswagen AG. The German automaker sold 10.3 million vehicles in 2016, placing it ahead of the Japanese automaker and US-based General Motors.

The Japanese automaker sold close to 10.2 million vehicles globally in 2016, and expects to sell 10.495 million vehicles in 2018. Its vehicle sales grew 10 percent in Japan in 2017 and rose one percent internationally.

The automaker has said it is not competing to be the first in global vehicle sales as that could prove to be unhealthy for the company.

The vehicle sales competition has been intense not only in major market such as the US and Europe, but also in emerging economies such as China and India—where growth is projected to be significant in the next few years.

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