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Image Source: transfluid

Image Source: transfluid

transfluid: DB 40220-3A-CNC Tube Bending Machine

transfluid’s DB 40220-3A-CNC ‘t bend’ tube bending machine has replaced the need to weld bends onto large tubes a long time ago, as it lowers the production costs. In addition to that, the bending systems save up to 60 percent of the production time for tubes with a diameter up to 400mm. The fast setting-up of the machine, at times in less than 10 minutes, also plays a crucial role. Equipped with a fully automated CNC control system, the transfluid units can process tubes with thin and thick walls and made of any material, even with radii of 1.5 x tube diameter or more. These tight bending radii are achieved with minimal thinning of the tube walls. This leads to benefits also in terms of space on board ships.

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