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TRUMPF Expands Cooperation With ZIGPOS

TRUMPF Expands Cooperation With ZIGPOS

TRUMPF Expands Cooperation With ZIGPOS

IT solutions from ZIGPOS will complement TRUMPF’s future product portfolio for industrial tracking.

High-tech company TRUMPF is further expanding its positioning technology business. Now the company is increasing its stake in Dresden-based software company ZIGPOS GmbH from 25.1 percent to 50.1 percent.

“After years of successful cooperation, both companies want to further expand the partnership. The goal is to jointly implement additional products based on the omlox open localisation standard,” says Eberhard Wahl, Managing Director of the recently founded subsidiary TRUMPF Tracking Technologies GmbH.

Both ZIGPOS and TRUMPF, along with many other companies, are committed to open localisation systems based on the omlox industry standard.

ZIGPOS already supplies software components for, among others, TRUMPF’s Track & Trace indoor localisation system. The solution determines the position of sheet metal parts in real time and increases productivity and plannability in production through the resulting transparency. Thanks to ultra-wide-band (UWB) technology, the tracking system can be used safely in metallic manufacturing environments despite reflections.

ZIGPOS employs around 20 people. Its customers include technology groups and companies in the semiconductor industry.

TRUMPF had already acquired a stake in the Dresden-based company in 2019. With the now expanded participation, both companies want to leverage synergies and enter into an even closer development alliance, but continue to operate separately on the market. Further details of the transaction were not disclosed.


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