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TSMC To Build Second Japan Chip Factory, Raising Investment To US$20 Billion

TSMC Sees Annual Sales Growth To Reach 10% In Semiconductor Industry

TSMC, a major supplier to Apple and Nvidia, forecasted an annual revenue growth of 10% in the global semiconductor industry, excluding memory chips.

Source: Reuters

Taiwanese major chip supplier, TSMC forecasted an annual revenue growth of 10% in the global semiconductor industry, excluding memory chips.

“This is a new golden age of opportunity with AI,” said senior vice-president Cliff Hou, who was speaking at an event in Hsinchu, where the company is headquartered.

In April, TSMC lowered its outlook for the global semiconductor industry excluding memory to a growth rate of around 10% from a previous forecast of more than 10%. World Semiconductor Trade Statistics has forecast growth of 13.1% for the global semiconductor market in 2024.

TSMC has estimated second-quarter sales may rise as much as 30% as it rides a wave of demand for semiconductors used in artificial intelligence applications (AI). Nvidia forecasted its quarterly revenue above estimates and announced a stock split, lifting shares to a record-high territory and impressing investors who have tripled the chipmaker’s market value in the past year on AI optimism.





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