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Tungaloy Boosts Deep Hole Drilling Productivity DeepTriDrill

Tungaloy Boosts Deep Hole Drilling Productivity DeepTriDrill

Tungaloy Boosts Deep Hole Drilling Productivity

Tungaloy Boosts Deep Hole Drilling Productivity has expanded its Tungaloy DeepTriDrill line of indexable gun drills to include new drill diameters ranging from ø12mm to ø13.5mm. With new drill sizes in the lineup, Tungaloy DeepTriDrill can now address the diverse deep hole drilling needs of automotive and mould set parts for maximum efficiency and stability.

In addition, the drill diameter can easily be altered in increments of 0.01mm to the required hole sizes simply by placing dedicated adjusting shims beneath the guide pads, allowing an overall reduction of cycle time and manufacturing costs in diverse deep drilling applications. The H-class insert features unique cutting edge configuration that provides hole accuracy at greater feed rates, while also ensuring smooth chip evacuation.

The expanded line includes 12 drill bodies and one insert.


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