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heimatec's Update On Live Tooling

heimatec’s Update On Live Tooling

heimatec offers a review of this machining method, the basic concepts and some exciting developments in the technology.

Live tooling, as a component on a lathe, is specifically manipulated by the CNC to perform various milling, drilling and other operations while the workpiece is being held in position by the main or sub spindle. These components, whether BMT or VDI, are also called driven tools, as opposed to static tools, that are used during turning operations.  

All live and static tools are built per the machine tool builder’s specification for each of the various models they produce. A key to running a successful job shop or production department is to partner with a supplier who can meet the tooling needs for all or most of the machines on your floor.

One such supplier is heimatec GmbH, located in Renchen, Germany and one of the international technology and quality leaders for precision tools, with a wide range of live and static tools for numerous leading machine manufacturers.

This article provides a set of parameters to consider when evaluating the live and static tooling to use in your shop or production department. Simply put, you need to do as much evaluation of your process, when determining the proper tooling to be used, as you did when you evaluated the various machines available for purchase. This fact is often overlooked and that can be a critical error, in the long run.  

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