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VCxray Launches Fast Inline X-Ray Systems For Gigacasting Inspection

VCxray Launches Fast Inline X-Ray Systems For Gigacasting Inspection

VCxray by VisiConsult is expanding its PRO line X-ray system portfolio with two fast in-line inspection solutions, the PRO FI. and PRO FI. GIGA.

Both are specifically tailored for the industrial casting market and various sectors including manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. The new design concept significantly enhances the inspection process by notably reducing the time required per view.

With the GIGA variant, VCxray has developed a world-novelty allowing for easy rapid and automatic inspection of next-generation gigacasting parts and large battery trays. The new PRO FI. 2D X-ray system range is ADR-ready. Both PRO FI. types can be directly integrated into manufacturing lines or automation cells.

PRO FI. As Workhorse For Rapid Inspection Of All Kinds Of Casting Parts

VCxray by VisiConsult enhances its PRO line system portfolio with the PRO FI., enabling a rapid inspection process and offering full flexibility at the same time by inspecting small to large size parts. The inspection area measures up to 1600 x 1000 x 500 mm and the part changeover time is less than six seconds.

The robust system is available as PRO FI.160 with 160 kV as well as PRO FI.225 with 225 kV. The manipulator is highly flexible and new inspection programs can be created without requiring programming knowledge. The system can be used manually via joysticks or in fully automatic program mode. An open interface offers versatile integration options into robotic loading cells or manufacturing lines.

PRO FI. © VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

PRO FI. GIGA As World’s First Inspection Solution For New Gigacastings

With releasing the innovative PRO FI. GIGA, VCxray by VisiConsult fulfills as early mover the needs of the transforming casting world facing the rise of next-generation gigacasting parts and large battery trays with huge manufacturing and inspection challenges. The current manual bottleneck in the inspection process can be eliminated with this XL version of the PRO FI. combining fast data analysis with easy max-size part inspection inline.

The PRO FI. GIGA can also be highly tailored to specific customer requirements. The smart high-speed manipulator ensures that the x-ray inspection can be performed in line with the cycle time of the manufacturing line.

All PRO FI. machines are equipped with the company’s state of the art VC.acquire software platform, offering an easy to use Automatic Defect Detection (ADR) functionality. The automation concept provides consistent results, also detecting smaller and harder-to-see defects.




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