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VICTOR TAICHUNG's Decade-Long Journey Revolutionising Aluminum Wheel Manufacturing

VICTOR TAICHUNG’s Decade-Long Journey Revolutionising Aluminum Wheel Manufacturing

Automated aluminum wheel processing system is crucial for industries reliant on aluminum wheels, such as the automotive sector, as it helps address high-volume production demand while maintaining quality and consistency. VICTOR TAICHUNG demonstrates how.

VICTOR TAICHUNG drives manufacturing transformation and expands the Southeast Asian Market with digital Intelligent automation. The firm views automation as the next wave in wheel processing.

Automated Aluminum Wheel Processing System

An automated aluminum wheel processing system comprises three types of machining centers and turning lathes: Vturn-V22W(T4) + Vcenter-22W + Vturn-V22W(T2), a robot arm system to handle parts up and down, and includes auto measurement parts system, washing equipment with auto wheel conveyor and wheels orientation.

VICTOR TAICHUNG developed the automated aluminum wheel processing system 11 years ago. It changed the manufacturing type, as the single machine can work with robot arms. 

The robot system can connect with many machines. Moreover, the robot arm system can handle parts up and down, increase manufacturing speed to reduce production time, and will replace the manual labour gradually in the future.

Wheel machining is divided into three procedures, the first is OP10, followed by the OP20, and OP30. OP10 machine type is VICTOR Taichung Vturn-V22W(T4), vertical turning lathe with double turrets, the wheel in this procedure can be machined front side and inside diameter and outer diameter at the same time to reduce cutting time.

OP20 machine type is VICTOR TAICHUNG Vcenter-22W, Vertical Wheel Machining Center, the wheel is machined on the value hole, PCD hole and TPMS sensor hole. OP30 machine type is VICTOR TAICHUNG Vturn-V22W(T2) vertical turning lathe with single turret, the wheel is machined reverse side inside diameter, outer diameter and end face, after manufacturing three steps the wheel is finished.


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