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Walter AG is releasing an all-rounder for every material, machine and drilling application which can be used universally in three different ways.

Walter AG Releases New X.treme Evo Solid Carbide Drill With Threefold Universal Use

With the X·treme Evo solid carbide drill from the Advance product range, Walter AG is launching the new DC160 product type.

Walter AG is releasing an all-rounder for every material, machine and drilling application. This can be used universally in three different ways: In all ISO material groups. It is designed for a wide variety of applications such as inclined entries and exits, drilling holes close to the edge of the workpiece or convex and concave surfaces. Furthermore, it can also be used with all machine concepts: In machining centres, horizontal or vertical, in lathes, rotating with driven tools, axial and radial (with angular head), or stationary. As a first step, Walter is bringing out the X·treme Evo in the variants three and five × Dc without internal coolant and five, eight and 12 × Dc with internal coolant. In addition to the DC160 variant, the drill from the Advance range is also available as the DC260 Advance step drill with and without internal coolant. According to Walter, the greatest strengths of the X·treme Evo lie in its long tool life and high levels of productivity and process reliability.

The WJ30ET (full coating) and WJ30EU (point coating) grades are new to the X·treme Evo: A highly tough micrograin substrate combined with Walter’s own TiSiAlCrN/AlTiN multi-layer coating on an AlTiN base layer. Extremely wear-resistant for a long tool life – even while maintaining high cutting parameters. Another innovation is the thinner web with steep approach angle, along with the fourth land that lies close to the drill tip. The steep approach angle reduces the feed force and increases the positioning accuracy. The deep-seated fourth land is engaged even quicker and consequently optimises drill guidance, particularly for inclined entries and exits. The new type of face geometry on the X·treme Evo creates plenty of room for the chip in the centre and therefore improves chip removal, particularly in soft material.


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