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Walter Holds Online Tech Talks 2.0

Walter Holds Online Tech Talks 2.0

Walter Holds Online Tech Talks 2.0

The better qualified employees ensure higher productivity and thus increase the success of a company. However, competence in machining is in short supply and the demand for training is increasing.

Face-to-face training is still not easily possible at the moment and with the overwhelming response from the last online tech talks, Walter would like to offer the new series of Tech Talks – Walter Online Tech Talks 2.0.

Register today and have a tour of different tools and machining strategies being used in the industry today. Walter will also give some insight into what the company is working on to stay ahead of the competition.

Here are the dates and subjects for Walter Online Tech Talks 2.0.

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Productive processes reduce unit costs and increase productivity in production facilities in the long term

In order to make this a reality, you need qualified employees who know how to fully utilise the potential of modern cutting tools as efficiently as possible in their work. Knowledge of tools and their applications is key to successfully achieving increases in productivity whilst reducing costs. We will help you to overcome these challenges with qualified technical training for your employees.

Highly-qualified staff will help to lower your costs

If you want to use high-calibre tools efficiently and would like to guarantee reliable processes, you have to have excellent specialist knowledge at your disposal. Only with sound knowledge of machining, processes and strategies will your employees develop long-term expertise, which will give your company a competitive advantage.

Small application with a big impact

On average, tool costs in a modern production environment account for around four to six percent of the total production costs. However, tools have an effect on the majority of production costs and therefore offer the greatest potential for optimisation.


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