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WALTER: New Eroding And Grinding Machine With The Well-Known "Two-In-One" Concept

WALTER: New Eroding And Grinding Machine With The Well-Known "Two-In-One" Concept

WALTER: New Eroding And Grinding Machine With The Well-Known “Two-In-One” Concept

For some time the market has been demanding that machine tools must be “more flexible”, “universal” and “automated”. The equally important requirements of “more specialised” and “more cost-effective” often cannot be reconciled with these demands. However, this is exactly what WALTER has achieved with the latest extension of the EDM machine portfolio, the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND. WALTER offers the right machine solution for the eroding of tools for every customer application.

Flexible and cost-effective:

The HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND is a flexible and universal tool erosion and grinding machine especially designed for the re-sharpening of PCD tools. Equipped with the “Two-in-One” concept from WALTER, which has been tried and tested for almost two decades. Whether for wood or metal tools, the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND offers highest flexibility. It is equipped with the FINE PULSE TECHNOLOGY, which since its introduction a few years ago has set new standards in eroding technology. With the finest frequency, users can produce a perfect surface finish and cutting edge on a PCD tool without compromising the machining time.

The specialised equipment of the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND:

“Specialised” means in this case: optimising the important equipment options so that the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND is targeted at the re-sharpening sector of PCD tools, in which one usually

– does not require a large variety of automation

– does not require automatic tool support systems

– does not require an automatic change of electrodes and grinding wheels

– but still requires a high degree of flexibility in the working area for large and diverse types of tools.

For this reason, the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND – unlike other machines from WALTER – is not configured for optional wheel/electrode changer, robot loader or hydraulic tool support systems. As with all other WALTER “Two-in-One” EDM and grinding machines, the standard delivery includes the electrode/grinding wheel mounting via an HSK interface.

Tools with a maximum diameter of 400 mm and a maximum length of 270 mm including end face operation can be eroded or ground with the HELITRONIC RAPTOR DIAMOND. For automatic loading of up to 500 tools, an optional top loader, integrated in the working area, is available.

Further equipment features are:

– Fine Pulse Technology

– 11,5 KW spindle motor

– Grinding and EDM software HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO

– Walter Window Mode P51 / P52

– Top loader (option)

– Glass scales (option)

– Torque drive for the A axis (option)

– Probe for measuring the grinding wheels (option)

– Manual support steady rest (option)

– and other options


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