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Taiwan: New Technologies That Will Dominate Electronic Product Manufacturing

Taiwan: New Technologies That Will Dominate Electronic Product Manufacturing

Watch Now on YouTube: Taiwan New Technologies That Will Dominate Electronic Product Manufacturing

According to a survey conduct by PwC’s Vietnam Digital Readiness report shows that 89% of local respondents believe automation will bring more opportunities thank job risk. While the Industry 4.0 transformation was brought up by Germany in 2015 and expected to take more than a decade to be commonly adopted, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly pushed the schedule much forward.

As temporarily lockdown and diversion to work method are being conducted at all places, factories in ASEAN are expressing a much interest to transform their factories to allow more flexibility on production in the midst of pandemic which is bringing more uncertainty to labor working schedule. “Over 84% would learn new skills now or completely retrain in order to improve on their future employability” shared by PwC.

Taiwan, a place gathered with compact electronics and metalworking machinery supply, is also experiencing more digitization at the level that was never seen before the pandemic, including from smart monitoring system on machine tools, predictive maintenance, automatic storage system. The 6 speakers will include the machine tools total solution expert-FFG, smart stamping solution provider-Chin Fong, conveying and smart machine component supplier-Toyo, robotics expert-HIWIN, Logistic and AS/RS planner-iAmech, and smart IIoT solution-Delta.

On 8/13 webinar, these 6 speakers will not only deliver their ideas on manufacturing automation, but they have prepared some great case studies focusing on how digitization has been transforming the Vietnam local electronics production.

Watch on YouTube Link:


Event Date: 8/13, Vietnam Time-14:00-15:00


Opening Kenneth Tan, Publisher APMEN magazine


Machine Tools Total Solution:
FFG Smart Manufacturing and Future Opportunities Miro Lin, General Manager
Intelligent Manufacturing & Data Services Division, FFG.


Smart Metal Press Technology:
How Chin Fong’s iForming Helps Stamping Factories Enhance Productivity Jiro Wang, Account Manager
Chin Fong Machine Industrial Co., Ltd.


Smart Factory Components & Conveying:
Take Your Production to the Next Level with Smarter Manufacturing Solutions Stanley Yeh, Vice General Manager
Toyo Automation Co., Ltd.


Robotics & Automation Components:
HIWIN-Your Best Partner for Smart Manufacturing Simon Liao, Manager
HIWIN Technology Corp.


IIoT Total Solution:
Smart Factory-IIOT Application for SME Ernest Pan, Project Manager
Delta Electronics (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.


Closing Remarks Kenneth Tan, Publisher, APMEN Magazine




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